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Artist: Down South
Album:  Lost in Brooklyn
Song:   Southern Comfort
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ Shawn J-Period ]
It's time for me to go just below the Mason-Dixon
I heard through the grapevine my grandmother's fixin
Some vittles, for me to come down for a little
If I take up some of these sweet candied yams
Damn, remember how the grass starts itchin
And itchin, you fall into your grandma's kitchen
Had to wash your hands before you ate some
Stove Top stuffing and collard greens on your plate
Oh what about the buttered cornbread?
She wouldn't sit down to eat till the whole neighborhood was fed
The hospitality that I savour
Wanna make some Kool-Aid? Kid, get a cup of sugar from your neighbor
No quibbles and qualms, ring the alarm
In the evening relaxin in my grandma's arms
Just a boy, but now I'm a man on the run
Step off bro, I'm baskin in the sun
Of the southern comfort

[ Soda Pop ]
At the age of 22 many rhymes have been heard
But let's set the tone on this drink Southern Comfort
Some have had it, lots have a habit
Many used to stay hard for the rabbit
And hit a cottontail, it ain't a fairytale
God's my witness during your bedroom fitness
And many dames start to think like a stiff drink
First they relax ya, and then they tax ya
I know of one drink who does two brothers
The first one enters, followed by a chaser
Later, and all and all I'm never on dry docks
Like a girl and a drink [edited] better on a rock
So peace to the crews, peace to the [edited]
Girls fix me chicken soup, just ask my dad
So hop in the air and fly south like a bird
Let it enter the bloodstream, amazing southern comfort

(Hip-Hop) (all the way down south)

[ Shawn J-Period ]
We hit the black gold, Texas T, then we move to the north
But we'll never forget the southern folks are the source
That raised us and provided us with just a hint of southern twang in my vocal thang

[ Soda Pop ]
And when you're havin grand times, what's that called y'all?
(Southern Comfort)
And when you're singin this joint, what's that called y'all?
(Southern Comfort)