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Artist: Down South
Album:  Lost in Brooklyn
Song:   Sitting Here
Typed by: Matt Jost

I'm just sittin here chillin, just sittin here
Just sittin here chillin, just sittin here
Just sittin here chillin, just sittin here
Just sittin here, just chillin

[ Shawn J-Period ]
Look up in the sky, it's a dog, it's a train
No, it's the Down South flock flyin south for the winter
Once we enter your township, girlie, move your hip
Bop your 'fro, move your toes with the eenie-minie-moes
( ? ) don't have a fit, cause soon comes the skit
But the record label wanted us to make another hit
To add to the artillery, drink a few ( ? ) then I pause
Catch my breath cause it be on to the crack of dawn
Pass the baton to

[ Soda Pop ]
Soda, the brother who's relaxin on the patio
Just pull up a chair, take a squat near your stereo
The three man band, originator rock a fan
Clap your hands and hear the voice who's so damn illuminate
I rock a jam and let the public consume and let's
Chill before I let the horns hit ya
For now goin, goin, gone, but yo, I get with ya

[ Shawn J-Period ]
Hey baby, here's a cushion for your fanny
The rocking chair in the corner belongs to my granny
When she sits and watch ( ? )
(Yo, you snuggle by the fireplace?)
Yeah, roastin another chestnut on the Bar-B
( ? ) vroom-vroom on my Harley
So I chill and max
Bundle up and chop the cherry tree down with axe
Graese my 'fro with the jax
Matter of facts I got the skill
(To ( ? )) sneezin coughin like the Nyquil
I prescribe ya just to sit here and chill

[ Soda Pop ]
Hm, I passed out but yo I'm still on the cool-out
With the cash in hands to rock a fan
Cause the song swings the same, yes damn
And hit the coochie come soon
A full moon's for my whole platoon
And tons of tunes that you never heard before
Peace to Sleepy Red, yo, the twinkle's all yours
Self-induced and produced by the Period man
But yo, it's time to (chill) and let the horns build