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Artist: Down South
Album:  Lost in Brooklyn
Song:   Down South
Typed by: Matt Jost

(- You're a newcomer, you can't just barge in here
and expect to change things, that's unheard of
- Well, it's not unheard of where I come from)

Here come the hicks, the hicks are comin
Here come the hicks, the hicks are comin
Here come the hicks, the hicks are comin
Here come the hiiiicks

[ Shawn J-Period ]
Oh I'll be goddamned
I guess I be the hick representin the bamas
The brothas and fly mama jamas
With the southern drawl ([edited] you soft)
Come down with that frame of mind and get those [edited] chopped off
We got hatchets, timbers and sawmills for lumber
Mosquitos in the summer, your girl [edited] my cucumber
It's garden fresh, I pump that gas like I was at Hess
Look at those [edited] comin out the woods

[ Soda Pop ]
It's the hicks that roll thick
Advancin frame by frame like a motion picture flick
In the past you ( ? ) in my parts
But don't come in these parts, yo, I'm callin on my horses
Tie one leg to Betsy, the other to Ikey
Whip both horses, now you're split down the seams
And taken out back by a real hillbilly
Yo, the [edited] come off it
And many don't know where my country funk comes from
You need to check history, seems there's a mystery
So check this view from way down yonder in the paw-paw patch
The brother chewed redman tabacco and snuff from Kodiak
I reckon their gums must be rotten
Now you know country [edited] ain't all about pickin cotton

[ Soda Pop ]
This is a hoedown like 150 proof
Watch your back while I take a toot
While we're moonshinin and drinkin corn liquor
If you drink some more, it put some hair on that chest
Because the vibe down here is real
Take you five miles out, you forget that from-the-hood deal
And many claim the south is bein corny
But nah don't send mail, send your girl because I'm horny
Like Gang Starr said - Yo, I'll always respond
Word is bond, I come on and on
Cause I'll stalk ya from a tree or below
And you could easily vanish by a shot from my arrow
Who would know, I'll plant that ass and watch it grow
And there ain't no comin back like suede Pumas or afros

[ Shawn J-Period ]
Who drunk all the Kool-Aid? Yo, you must be out of your mind
Country black folks don't drink no damn Country Thyme
What you thinkin, we run the hills just like David Dinkins
Rollin the grass, watchin summer pass
Neighbor please, down upon your knees and gimme 20
It could make for good love but your girl gives me plenty
I had too much tits
Cause I know a brother that'll chop your finger off and have it fried with some grits
Oh howdy partner, you called Judge Wapner for support
But this ain't no time for People's Court
As you're sittin in a cauldron, water 'round you boilin
Some are spared the rod but some children needed scoldin
So get yo monkey ( ? ) I'm a cannibal, but now you know
You shoulda went to Fresno
Whatever, long gone and good rid's, don't come back
Cause country hicks and bamas don't be playin that