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Artist: Down South
Album:  Lost in Brooklyn
Song:   Big Wheels
Typed by: Matt Jost

(Back in the days)  --> Biz Markie

Back in the day we used to ride on our big wheels
Back in the day we used to ride on our big wheels
Back in the day we used to ride on our big wheels
The only means of transportation

[ Soda Pop ]
Back in the day I rode my big wheel
Wore tuskens but now he sport Tommy Hill's gear
(Don't fear, I rarely drink beer
So there ain't no drunk drivin) big wheels over here
Stear me to the right, don't stear me to the left
Keep up with the times and never digress
Don't stear me to the left, stear me to the right
Reinforcin good times to keep your flock tight
[ Shawn J-Period ]
Brothers and sisters, let's reminisce back to the time when it was chill
Now you pay the phone bill
Used to live the life of dependent
Your mama gave you snack money, goin to the arcade to spend it
[ Soda Pop ]
The sole puprose of this tune is to keep your head boppin
On a level zero all big wheels bestow
So I never become flighty cause a big means you're headin for hard times
It happesns when I drop rhymes
[ Shawn J-Period ]
Drop a rhyme on a brother
The Down South undercover lover
With his mind in the gutter
Oh they used to call it butter
But now they got rich and call it margarine
I wish I was young again

[ Soda Pop ]
Free (throws), paddle with the rhythmic toe
I gotta go
(He gotta go)
So I went
Cause I'm a singer, a swinger
A good body banger
This is butter like butterfinger
Hip-Hop verse swinger
Started long time ago
With a terminus flow, a flunker
All in the fam like Archie Bunker
[ Shawn J-Period ]
Yeah, speakin of the fam
Remember Christmas time when we used to eat the ham
In the form of a chicken
Now it's fittin
But now we ride the kitten
But build up the stamina we're praisin
The two cups are waitin
[ Soda Pop ]
Yeah I'm still scoopin ( ? ) and clockin all the papes
Cause Pop is not little, so yo ( ? ) the kittle
You wanna stick around to see the earrings jingle
Ain't that right, daddy, because you always askin
[ Shawn J-Period ]
Yeah Big Dave's always askin: Yo when are we gon' finish with the hits?
So maybe we can fill up our own pockets
Instead of bein steady customers at the postal service
The album's takin too long and the brother's gettin nervous
Don't fret, cause everything is chill
You're askin me? Hmm, hell yeah I wanna ride on my big wheel
Come on