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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Run With the Creeps
Song:   Run With the Creeps (Makeshift Kingdom)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Redrum murder, the silent type
Coldblooded, stonefaced with a smile inside
Paintbrush blood spill, canvas coated
Helter, skelter, Manson control me
Creepy, crawly, the geek in me's bawlin
But the beast in me screams feed me, starving
The geek pleads, beast leave me, no
You'll forever be me, believe me, "Jones"
Hip-Hop, kill your idol
+Shotgun Little Sister+, William Idol
2008 I flicked the light on
with two suitcases underneath my eyeballs
Fauxhawk bedhead, yawning zombies
Sip cyanide, tilt waterslide in oxy
Born again virgin, born again Christoff
Bored with the chemical imbalance in my thick skull~!

Welcome to my makeshift kingdom
You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby
Welcome to my makeshift kingdom
You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby
Broken glass, everywhere
Blood puddles under broken chairs
I dance to the beat, shuffle my feet
Wear a shirt and tie and run with the creeps

Yo, I'm so cucumber cool
In the prison yard dripping two #2's
Listening to new Sweatshop Union tools
Waitin for an inmate to ruin my mood
I'm Suge Knight in a bright red suit, lightly
chewin on a lit Cuban, no Menudo
Who you tryin to get crazy with, ese?
I'm loco, Kylie Minogue
Slow dancin in the storm in a Maestro tux
Rappers yellin out "White boy sucks!"
But white boy raps figure eights around
Canuck rappers tryin to imitate my sound
Red nosed, whitefaced, makeup clowns
In a Volkswagen, Jimmy Corn Crackin'
Jimmy skull bashin, sippin on a Wednesday
No longer the timid kid in the 10th grade
Now Jimmy's in big boy clothes
Jimmy's on stage making kids scream HO
The voice of the voiceless, speak for the mute
with a bible in my right in a 3-piece suit