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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Run With the Creeps
Song:   Ceiling Fan
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

They tell me I must suck, that I whine too much
I'm a crybaby, unable to find two nuts
Mistaking passion for sadness, they're blind to us
Failing to realize I don't write for fun
I write for my life and I write with blood
So excuse me if I get a little hyper cuz
You belittle my writing - my life's in these lines
I react when it strikes, never ask where the lightning comes from
He's depressed about being rich
Wow! I'm depressed about being not
But he's so swag when he says it
And I'm so sad so you write me... off
But I'm you, motherfucker, you~!
Only I'm not on the cover of U.S. magazines and blogs
Don't be afraid of your reflection
Accept it - respect it
Maybe I'm too jealous for my own good
But being bitter's somethin that I'm good AT
Nobody wants to see a smiling D-Sisive
They all disappear - and never look, back
When I was young I wanted to be Vanilla Ice
Grew up and realized I'd rather be Cohen
Respected for my poem, but why not be me?
Fuck the masquerade, +Knoblich+ was a mask and
I was never +Jones+ so that means Derek's home
in a black hoodie, two with blue denim on
But now I wear sunglasses inside
Not because I'm a douchebag or blind
Sometimes life's way too bright
And I'd rather see it tinted, blurry and - dimmed
I want to believe what I'm seeing
Followin a blade as the ceiling fan, spins