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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Jonestown
Song:   The Truth Is...
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*skit in foreign language for 0:22*}

You see the truth is, there's no truth - all bullshit
And that's the truth kids, full clip
Big L rest in peace, beat drops
Beat loops 8 bars emcee starts
Like index pointed at my temple
Trigger finger itchy, pull back, head ex-plodes
Blood paints Pollock on my white wall
Paramedic nauseous when he turns the light on
and sees me lifeless
Pooled blood snorkle it never rise up, parachute club
He was clever but his content was mor-bid
Songs never topped any charts
That's what and his Praz's are for
If you wanna moonwalk don't knock on my, door
I don't write poly short scripts
So think before you open those poly shore lips
You're an Ernest P. Worrell flick
Did you get that Vern? Of course you, did
The moral of my story is
Let's drop the radio where the faucet drips
Drink cyanide with a tropical mix
Reverend Jones wants us to swallow it, sip
down your esophagus
Nodding off, unconsciousness
Time to cross over to the darkness kids
And I ain't Rick James'ing on Charlie's skin
Before Wes Snipes made Hollywood films
We're comin to the darkness, Jim
Welcome us with open arms
My feet hurt, that road was long
I could use a drink, my throat is parched
{*JONESTOWN*} Au revoir


Never heard a man speak like this man before
Never heard a man speak like this man before
All the days of my life, ever since I been born
I never heard a man, speak like this man before