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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Jonestown
Song:   Boom Baba Boom
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hey Gordo, why don't you tell us a story?
(Oh I don't know) Oh come on {Yeah c'mon Gordo!}
Not one of your horror stories okay?
I don't wanna hear no horror stories
I'm not up for that man

I got a nine in my pocket, I'm lyin, I got a rhyme
in my noggin and baby I'm just dyin to vomit
Like lard-ass Hogan at a pie eating contest
Boom baba boom, boom baba boom
Mic to my lips like Mike on my sneaker tongue
You'll never fly, stop pressing on your sneaker pump
Emcee murder 'round the clock like Kiefer Suth'
'til I hear the Grim Reaper cuss, "Fuck D enough~!"
What a crybaby; so Hatchetface
I got the juice now, you catch the taste
And I ain't in a rush to leave, so slap thee bass
Boom baba boom, boom baba boom
He told me that my sentences spewed
will never get respect from the youth
Bending the truth, wanting to pretend that it's true
Like Chris Wallace watching the ending of "Juice"
Get it - no? Forget it, so
How 'bout that Kanye? WAIT A SECOND, NO
You've never seen "Juice" starring Tupac Shakur
and 'Pac's dropped off the top of an apartment floor?
B.I.G.'s real name is Chris Wallace now
and Biggie Smalls and Tupac had a falling out
So when 'Pac dies, that makes Biggie Smalls smile
And that would have to be before Tupac's demise
and after 'Pac got shot in Quad's lobby
then blamed Wallace for setting him up for the robbery
So what I meant was.. wait, I'm confused
Boom baba boom, boom baba boom
I ain't buying what you're selling, so save your pitch
I'm not 8 so save the Criss Angel tricks
David Blaine never levitated dear
and Copperfield never made a thing disappear
And Roy Hornes tiger ripped his face to pieces
so you ain't got shit up those sleeves kid
You ain't got a nine in your pocket, you lyin
No rhymes in your noggin so don't waste my time
tryin to vomit like, lard-ass Hogan at a pie eating contest
Boom baba boom...