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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Jonestown
Song:   One Way Ticket
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

There's a time, to be born
And a time to die...

Lit up a cigarette and inhaled
Figured it was my time to convince Hell
I was freezing and needed some of its help
to survive under snow and thick hail
Quivering, chapped lips cracked, skin pale
I'm shivering and can't sit still
Going insane in this prison cell
I don't wanna read books and lift L-
-BS's 'til my limbs swell
I'm weak, built frail
No strength, biceps thin rails
My whole life's been the same bullshit tale
One coin, call heads, flip tails
A man with a pseudonym misspelled
And denim ripped from sitting on the fence rail
But I can preach 'til my lips swell
Hell, help, me

I need a one way ticket to Jonestown {*4X*}

Filled up the bathtub and stepped in
The heat from the water made my sweat drip
Back to the wall, head rested against it
A hot bath has always been my best friend
I guess I tend to think better with wet skin
Pause, you get what I meant kid
Mind out the gutter, focus on the ten pins
Anxiety sets in
I can't breathe and my chest feels pressed in
Heartbeat's at a higher BPM than normal
Done it, I'm on the road for the next best thing
I'm an adult now, no time for test spins
Do I keep on performing while Tecs spin?
Or do I mix bathwater with red drips
from my left wrist and rest in peace
Both tempting, Hell, help