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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
Song:   The Gun (twenty ten)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hello... listen
The man has a gun, he knows how to use it
Nine millimeter Browning, let's see what he can do
He'll point it at your mouth
Says that'll blow your brains out, hehe
Don't you mess with me
I'm carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
I'm carrying a gun, haha
Don't you mess with me
Carrying a gun, get over there
Move slowly, I'll put a hole in your.. face
Heh, if you even breathe a word
Tell the lady, to lie down
I want you to be sure to see this
I wouldn't want you to miss a second
Watch your wife
Carrying a gun, shooting with a gun
Dirty animal, hehe
Carrying a gun
I'm carrying a gun
Watch your face, carrying a gun, carrying a gun
Carrying a gun, hehe
The animal dies, with fear in his eyes
With a gun
Don't touch him
Don't touch him
Stay away from him
He's got a gun
Word up, who's the vagina now?
For crying out loud, quit crying out loud
It's way too late to white towel out now
Your bed's made sleepyhead, try countin down
sheep from nine down, by the time you time out
Your fuse will be blown, your power's out
Blaow - psych~! Don't flinch, I'm just kiddin yo
Nah I'm kiddin and my trigger finger's itchy so
Keep talkin, keep insultin
Keep callin me, every single name out the Joan Collins
novel, dumb fuck, now blowjob this Danielle Steele
My hand's held still
My nerves are calm, Atavan twice
Heh, I took five, who's tallying, right?
This ain't tryin to be hardcorrrrre
With my hat to the back, no gangster rap son
Forget all that, this is that motherfucker
who jacked me for my Red Sox cap plus
That group of 5 who robbed me for my cash
Who beat me 'til I cried, even though they didn't have to
Plus, my brother-in-law
Who made 11 telephone calls
Insulting and imitating my father on my inbox
A month after I buried him in box
Plus every single time, I been victimized
and didn't do shit but pickle it inside
Now multiple all of the above
and carry the one, need I say more?
Why I'm staring at this gun, I think it's time to go now
I got us both one way tickets to Jonestown
What, no smile? No thank you?
So ungrateful, fuck it you can stay home
Good night bright eyes
Cause Jimmy go bye b.. {*blam*}