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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
Song:   Rob Ford
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[Intro: William Burroughs]
You're the finest, most decent
Most deeply humane man I ever known
I'm puttin you down for additional medication son

I'ma sell my soul to the devil for a song that'll sell out the Dome
A rebel with a cause and the cause is beyond the
four elements of the genre
we all thought was gone when Nas played God or coroner
I'm so sorry for yo' loss, my condolences
But it was far from embalmed, an indentity crisis possibly
But rap rock it was not
Gone are the days when Tupac waved two middle fingers
out the window of a rolling car
Or when Suge promised he wouldn't dance in your video
Come to Death Row at The Source Awards
Or when Snoop got booed, "What the East coast
ain't got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?"
Or when Wu-Tang, killa bee buzzed
on that New York stage, that Meth hopped off
and brought pain to the spectators in the audience
And I watched him glued to my monitor
A chubby white boy with a moniker misspelled
cause rappers can't spell
Now I'm on the other side of the table
+Declarin War+ on the mayor, +Pacewon+
The takeover, find me a rhymer
better than D-Sisive, name one - nope~!
Jay reattard Daniel Johnston raps
Damien Abraham, fuck the nonsense
I came to change the game like four bullets
through Chris Wallace's car door, Rob Ford

[Interlude: William Burroughs]
Thank you Doctor!
For sure you should receive the death penalty
Of such stuff are do-rights made
Get there firstest with the brownest nose
While down in the dim gray wards and bay rooms
where the do-wrong hach and spit and shiver and vomit
Fuckin crook he wouldn't give me a {*garbled*}

My daddy told me don't fear what we don't see
A ghost is nothin but a Demi Moore scene, but
What we can't see can't bleed
We can't kill what we can't feel
I'd rather fear the unknown than some Joe with a gun loaded
Unloading it then blowing out gun smoke
I can believe that, at least see that
Squeeze that nine millimeter with these hands
Dawg I duck him and I trust kid
in a haunted house, trust me gon' run quick
fast, whiplash, I'm sick homes
So sick of home and their thin quotes
where rappers, whine and cry and argue all day about
why they all ain't signed
Volume up talkin like they belong inside city hall
You can play mayor, I'm +Declarin War+, Pacewon
The takeover, find me a rhymer
better than D-Sisive, name one - nope~!
Henry Rollins, Warren Zevon
Dark Order, the war has begun
I came to change the game like nine bullets
through Curtis Jackson's jawbone, Rob Ford

[Outro: William Burroughs]
He said I got the wrong attitude {*laughter*}
I should see the chaplain, get straight with Jesus
All arts all sciences of past and great knows
He didn't go to hell, to hell he goes {*applause*}