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Artist: D-Sisive f/ Adam Bomb
Album:  Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
Song:   #1 Record
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Jay-Z samples scratched by Lil Jaz]
Hold up, this ain't a #1 record
Wrong, this ain't politically correct
This might offend my political connects
Stop your blood claat cryin
The kid the don, everybody dyin
Hold up, this ain't a #1 record
(The music y'all makin gon' make it a great depression)

[Adam Bomb]
Aiyyo, said farewell to my little bit of hope
Now all I need's a chair and a little bit of rope
Left a note, at the end of it I wrote
"Does the world really need another sentimental quote?"
Nope - so with my last autograph
Kiss my ass on behalf of the innocent or broke
Slide into a slope, headed all downhill
Feelin so down filled I could shit a winter coat
Then I awoke like a zombie out the grave
with a voice sayin out of e'rybody you were saved
Time to drink the water where you bathed, stop drownin
in your sorrows take that flow and make tsunamis out a wave
And stay Gandhi level brave, insight of Darwin
Soul of Sam Cooke, mind of Carlin
You the pilot on that first class flight to stardom
Too ill to come in second, too real for a #1 record


The planet spins, I stand still frozen
A mannequin, they said Jeff lost his head again
I crash land and hit the ground runnin with a torch
Gone, not a single sound muttered
from the mouths of the has-beens, once-upon-a-timers
The ones who scribbled autographs on my rhyme book
The ones I wanted to grow up to be
And now this whole country can't FUCK with me
No, I played the game and lost every penny
that I tossed in the pocket of the dream sellers
Now I'm broke in the wallet, but don't get me started
on my legacy - dawg I'm already a legend
And I'm far from the finish line
I'm 14 minutes and 59 seconds from a 15
Decisive, jump from the heavens
A Canadian idol, minus a #1 record