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Artist: D-Sisive f/ Muneshine
Album:  Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
Song:   Long Ago
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[Intro from "Phantom of the Paradise"]
"Gentlemen, I give you the future"

[Chorus 2X: lyrics from the same movie]
Owwwww! Our paths have crossed and parted
This love affair was started long, long ago

I'm a, parade rainer, Rainn Wilson
Spit Graceland on 80 milligram painkillers
My veins are swimmin in HS virgos
'Til William Head's left with red circles
Closed casket, cocaine, a dope addict
with a full blown habit
Soarin over the rainbow, no Kansas, standin ovation
Tippy toe standin, a Busey full blown
Past your #1 rapper, I double lapped him
with no signs of slowin down
I'm goin after the gold; and after that the platinum
Then assassinate my fans with an ice cold
glass of lipsmackin delicious cyanide
Mixed with a full packet of red powder
My shrink begs me to stop
but the voices in my head beg to differ and beg louder
So, long


Rap is a disease; consider Mune, Robert Smith
I grew up on Degrassi and John-o-Vision
I grew up on the Circle, Maestro, and Monolith
Common Sense, Fresh out from Philly silly, Rob was Prince
No Purple Rain, Bob James "Nautilus"
A vintage modernist, Rob was an optimist
My inner misogynist, positive, all for kicks
Leavin girls tuckin out and duckin out, God forbid
T&A in my DNA, I was cold (yup!)
Weird scientists alliance formed long ago (yup!)
Thinkin MJ was right? "You Are Night Alone"
In a world of Yeezy, Weezy and Shawn Carter clones
This is easy, for me it's no dumb stunt
You fail in a year, we excel in one month
Blunt, I exhale yes we're
the best no comparison a breath of fresh air