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Artist: D-Nice f/ Too $hort
Album:  To Tha Rescue
Song:   Check Yourself
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[ D-Nice ]
You know, $hort
A lotta people out there
Wanna be my friend, you know
Just because I got a little hit record out, you know I'm sayin
[ Too $hort ]
I know, I know
Rap groupies, you know
[ D-Nice ]
Definitely rap groupies
You know what I'm sayin?
Yo, we should do a little somethin for em, you know
[ Too $hort ]
Check em
Let's just check em
Check em real quick
[ D-Nice ]
Let's check em, man

[ CHORUS: both ]
I know that you're a hoe for my wealth
You better just check yourself
Cause in these days we don't go for that
So you better try someone else		(2x)

[ VERSE 1: D-Nice ]
Now I can recall the first time I was out on tour
With my boy Too $hort, leavin everyone in awe
I met this little honey, she said, "Hi, my name is Bunny"
I never would have thought she was out for my money
Now she appeared to me to be smart and legit
Equipped with hips that'll break your whole shit
But before that I can get a chance to knock it
The goldigger's goldiggin in my pocket
First she tried to say that she was playin
She musta thought I was a fool cause she was sayin
"Ugh, oh D-Nice, I want you, I want you"
I wouldn't try to trust her even if I want to
I wanted just to smack her in the face
But hittin females is just a bad mistake
I guess tryin to get your money is a hobby or a sport
Cause next she tried to kick it to my boy Too $hort

[ VERSE 2: Too $hort ]
It's kinda funny: you want money from a pimp
(Biatch) you're thinkin like fifty percent
I put my foot in your ass and then I owe you the rest
I know the game, hoe, cause I'm the best
Playin broads ain't based on luck
You want money? I wanna fuck
And after we do all that
I'm takin my money back
Biatch, kiss my pimpin ass
Cause all the time I didn't have this cash
You wouldn't call, wouldn't give me a number
I couldn't see ya like Stevie Wonder
I made a hit record, now I got money
You wanna play Short Dog for a dummy
You're so cool cause you think I'm rich
You know you wanna be my bitch
I'm not single, baby, not for you
Fuck a bitch, and that's the goddamn truth
If I was you, I wouldn't hold my breath
Cause all you money-hungry hoes might starve to death


[ VERSE 3: D-Nice ]
Now I'm not tryin to come down too hard
If you need some money, you should go and get a job
But this one does not go out to all women
Just those who try to kick game for a livin
Cause I'm not the one to be played
So don't step to me when you wanna get paid
Cause you're the type of woman that survives on greed
Yo $hort, won't you tell her what she needs
[ Too $hort ]
What you need is some type of financial support
You won't get shit from your boy Too $hort
I don't pay bitches and never will
I'm too busy tryin to pay my bills
I understand your reason for tryin
But I been mackin since '79
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself
Short Dog's in the muthafuckin house, bitch