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Artist: D-Block
Album:  Straight Off Tha Block 12"
Song:   Straight Off Tha Block
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I spit rhymes like you
and I drop bombs from the hood on D-Block
straight off the block bitch
I've got god on my side
so it wont be like that
pull out the gats and guns
empty all those clips on em

You on the corner waitin for the nigga to deliver
but the bad day is cumin your way
gangway before thinkin bout doin a runway
nah man don't you disobey
all them niggas in that bank
waitin for you to do sum shit
brake a bitch, shoot em up
do anything, get the rep up

Man don't go home and spank a bitch
from a ditch, think bout the conscience
wait... "what if you get that itch from that bitch?"
..."nah I doubt that shit"

You in the Duneven on Jaine and Finch what you goin do
when you know you hear them pigs comin to get you
You see them dumb niggas that you disobeyed in the cruiser
like it ain't anything to you
because you heard em say "love will get you killed"
peace out before you and I get the fuck knocked out!