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Artist: D-Block (Styles P)
Album:  Peer Pressure
Song:   Styles Freestyle #1
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*gunshot*} {Forget about it Mario!}

[Styles P]
Better let these lil' niggaz know
_Time is Money_, I'm back

You want beef anybody just call my name
In the streets S.P. in the hall of fame
Been the hardest nigga out mad years in a row
Tell your bitch you ain't a pimp, you really a hoe
It's funny how you bluffin them suckers
Only time S.P. is with the cops is in cuffs muh'fuckers
And you should listen up the first moment I spoke
Act up and get shot through your clothing or coat
And now that we back to the hoodies
Extra clips in the footies, have niggaz lookin "Damn how could he?"
Leave them niggaz lookin like that
And they ain't no gangsters, they ain't in Queens or Brooklyn like that
Heard niggaz made it big time, no lookin back
Me I'm in the streets of Y.O.
You would think I'm fucked up too how I creep and ride slow
Then I hit Harlem and the Heights
Got a play dyke before the night (whattup dogs)
White M-6 blue pipin lookin right (aight)
I ain't scared of shit bitch this is my life - get it?
If a nigga steal my chain I feel his pain
But I'ma peel the whole block 'til they squeal his name
S.P. don't play that shit
Ask your boss to try me, you won't okay that shit
Niggaz say it's your girl I lay that bitch
Headcracks since we been layin on ADAT bitch
Lil' nigga I been O.G.
I go broke in New York I got cash in a crib OT
And I'ma bring the pain like a toothache
Last thing I saw was his boot shake, I'm makin the roof break
I get up in your mouth like toothpaste
I'm dark like Batman, this big gun is makin you Two Face
Get it? Motherfucker