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Artist: D-Block (Styles P & Tre Williams)
Album:  Peer Pressure
Song:   I-95
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{What is this?}

[Styles P]
I-95 baby
Keep rollin
Let's go Tre, it's your turn daddy

Rollin down I-95 (rollin) damn near crash
Daydreamin I got cash in my eyes (cash in my eyes)
Need to pull it over, put some gas in the ride (gas in the ride)
Get some air fresheners and not, pass 65 (not pass 65)
Need to make it there to make it back (make it back)
Thinkin that, "We Gon' Make It" have faith in that (faith in that)
Rollin down I-95 (uh-huh) know I'm dead wrong (dead wrong)
But I'm stayin headstrong cause I'm tryin to survive (tryin to survive)

[Tre Williams]
I came from nothin tryin to beat these streets
Lord knows that's the only way I knew to eat
I tried, I tried, I tried that 9 to 5
But minimum wage is just no way for a young black man to survive

[Chorus One: Tre Williams]
But the game is getting harder, and life is getting deeper
And I don't see no way out, and I can't see no statehouse
But my money's getting shorter, and my will is getting weaker
And I don't see no way out, so hustling's my escape route

[Chorus Two: Tre Williams]
Now I'm rollin down I-95, livin my life
And all I wanna do is just shine
Y'all don't hear me, no
Roll down I-95, livin my life
Cause all I know to do is just grind
Do y'all feel me?

[Tre Williams]
I copped, I cooked, I bagged, I did whatever it took
Knowin that this can't last forever, I want my children livin better
I pray, I pray, I pray someday this all will end
No more lookin over my shoulders, and no more buryin my friends

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Styles P]
Rollin down I-95
Hopin that the troopers don't look at my ride (uh-uh)
Thought about the game when I was cookin my pies
Looked at my kids, then I looked at my wife
I don't wanna keep hustlin for too long (uh-uh)
But I don't wanna keep strugglin, it's too wrong (damn)
Lookin at the stash, one trip and it's on
Now I gotta leave, hit the whip and I'm gone
Now you know everything is ill on the streets
Needless to say that my will's gettin weak
Money gettin short and my life gettin deep
Plus I got bills from my head to my feet (bills)
Now somebody say a prayer with the God
And I don't wanna spend another day in the yard (nah)
Why play the game if the game gettin hard?
But we still on I-95 and we rollin so hard

[Tre Williams]
(Keep hustlin!) I can't keep hustlin, for the rest of my life
(Keep hustlin!) I can't keep hustlin, for the rest of my life
(Keep on hustlin!) I can't keep hustlin, for the rest of my life
(Keep hustlin!) I can't keep hustlin, for the rest of my life
(Keep on hustlin!)

[Chorus Two] w/ ad libs to fade