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Artist: D-Block (J-Hood & Jadakiss)
Album:  Peer Pressure
Song:   Gator Ent.
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*bang, bang, bang*}

J-Hood, this shit is way too easy for me man (f'real)
I swear I need to find somethin else to do (that's word)

Your man Hood'll critical your boy condition (yeah!)
Toss him in the pond & let him get discovered by some old men fishin
You out of your jurisdiction, 'bout to get dealt with
I put my life on this, chump you ain't never felt this (never)
I'm 'bout to pop like a balloon full of boilin water
Cause I'm the nicest nigga out, and I'm callin on the
Lord to give y'all help because y'all sure need it
Cause I'm the best nigga out, so what I'm conceited (J-Hood)
Believe it, like a person bein cloned in front of you
Or like 15 armed predicate felons gunnin you
You sunnin who? You must be fuckin with that white shit (bitch)
Five-oh need to smack yo' ass with a nightstick (brrrap)
J-Hood bitch, boy I came to claim my spot
Collect a couple M-I-L-L's and flame the block (D-Block)

Ah-HA! Gator Entertainment! Light up wodies
Gator Entertainment, ah-HA!

Can't let this money get by me
The game don't change, it stays the same, niggaz just get grimy
Bricks in the ceiling, pounds in the floor
I done seen a lot and heard even more
Yeah okay enough with the war stories
Big niggaz is too small for me, get off of me
And I don't hit the gym or the park
But I put a bullet, right under your brim with the lark
Lil' goldfish niggaz can't swim with the shark
Bring it, yeah, I even get it in with the narcs
I got a bigger heart, I throw bigger darts
They call me the engine the way I make niggaz start
Stashin, hatin, bashin
Slander a nigga whole name with passion
Able to get my hands on 'caine, a great portion
Then I switched out to purple cause they talkin
Where you want it at, your head or your throat
You see a nigga true colors over federal notes
It's better you loc', fishin trip gone wrong
I don't know nuttin, they just found him dead on the boat
Meanwhile I was skiin, gettin head on the slopes
I'm a boss baby, all I do is measure the dope
Every day of the weak heat crystal, fuck that
The green make a nigga do a whole 360
That boy 'Kiss'll burn you; same boots, same jeans
All I do is switch up thermals
By far I'm the nicest (nicest)
You don't ride the track right, they oughta revoke your license
You wanna get on son, you need to ask me
As far as Y.O., as far as the whole East
As far as the whole streets (woo) I spit like a old beast
It's all-out war, it's no peace
And I'm a serious threat
And y'all in serious trouble, cause I ain't take it serious yet

{Hey Mario!}