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Artist: David Banner f/ Don Trip
Album:  Sex, Drugs & Video Games
Song:   Work
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Don Trip]
Still spinnin off last year
My dear, get more pussy than a past meal
Bitch I'm balling with my club like Paul Pearce
Black folded, fade away shot pear
I'm still flying off the flow Lear
Matter of fact I'm flying off to say hi to Aaliyah
What I sell, doesn't come with a bill
That kind of slurp doesn't come with your meal

Niggaz think that I'm playin
'Til I grab the AK, and start cussin and sprayin - I do work
  I'm just tryin to stay as fly as I can
  You know dope boy don't get retirement plans - work
Niggaz think that I'm playin
'Til I grab the AK, and start cussing and sprayin - I do work
I do work, I said work
I got work, or is it that work

[David Banner]
I'm praying for forgiveness, cryin blood in my eyes
I'm trying do better, but somebody gotta die
Fuck your Don Trip, with the Mickey Mouse click
Aka 47's Mac 11, let's get her, bitch
Counterfeit kick doors, hoes tied up with some duck
I stopped smokin weed, fuckin' go, light it up
The movies and the money mean nothing to my men
Who disrespects me nigga, I leave you dying in some fuckin woods

[Don Trip]
Hard work, but no skill, though
Never had an honest job for bill folds
Just a blog and a scale under some ill folks
And we ain't kicking it, we ball, no feel though
Bust some heads over here, no deals hoe
Tell you "go and fuck yourself, no dildo"
Fuck your government, I probably never will vote
Nigga Tony Montana our hero


[Don Trip]
Down South ain't been the same since the hurricane
Katrina! Niggaz lost in the cliffs and the everything
See the judge, give you time for squire cane
Thirty years for a kiss, now the feds changed
I'm free, but believe I feel their pain
So I got the big cover like Vera Wang
Full time trap nigga, probably never change
Baddest rapper crippin{?} deal wrapped in cellophane

[Davd Banner]
Dance hard like giraffe cock
80 tornadoes, been locked and got his ass popped
Both bloods, all skills, niggaz keep it real
Pushing halla burden made over two bill'
Our innocent skills, niggaz out here dyin
Women famous I pull which nigga dick they ridin
Y'all say reality shows
But in reality all bitches ain't nothin but hoes


Niggaz think that I'm playin
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushin this brand - I do work
Dope boy don't get retirement plans, work!