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Artist: David Banner
Album:  Sex, Drugs & Video Games
Song:   Malcolm X (A Song to Me)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This grown men shit
I don't wanna teach 'em

I don't wanna teach him how to sell, chop and cook, yay up
All my favorite rappers either dead or in jail
I don't wanna teach 'em, I don't wanna teach 'em
I don't wanna teach 'em, I don't wanna teach 'em
Don't wanna teach these little girls to put their pussy on the pole
And at the end of the night, get that money off the floor
I don't wanna teach 'em, I don't wanna teach 'em
I don't wanna teach 'em, I don't wanna teach 'em
What about Patrice, Malcolm, Huey P
I don't want these kids to grow up and be me
I don't wanna teach 'em

[David Banner]
I used to teach 'em, 'bout what? Knock 'em out
Them pussy niggaz know what I'm talkin about
Big dope, big weight
We only sell to us - self hate!
Big guns, we only shootin us
Big pimpin - dumb fucks~!
No revolution, they dead broke
No history - on black folks
We fucked up (ha?) Y'all niggaz know it
These kids are our weight, me and Tony
You ain't got ki's (nigga) no bricks
Bitch boy niggaz, no dicks
And if you sellin in the hood why you proud nigga?
Them our folks, getting high nigga
These our kids in real life
You rappin 'bout what they living like


[David Banner]
Certain rappers don't want beef
This ain't 'bout y'all, it's about me
My soul, our kids
White folks, their dope and our cribs
Big chains, big whips 'round your neck and our wrist
No bullshit, no mystery
A man ain't shit on this earth without history
The only thing they gonna say about black folks
We like to fuck hoes and sell dope
Shoot jump shots and run balls
Take white money and give it right back at the mall
Louis Vuitton, hate niggaz
Gucci hate niggaz, Hilfiger been said fuck niggaz
I admit that I wear that shit too
But black folks the first to yell FUCK FUBU