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Artist: David Banner f/ Tank
Album:  Sex, Drugs & Video Games
Song:   Let Me In
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[David Banner]
They say that you don't pay a prostitute to fuck
You pay that bitch so after she get done fucking to leave
They tell me that I don't be loving these hoes enough
And I just said that loving from a G ain't what she needs
I met so many women that it's on now
Hate to say it, but I think my heart is getting cold now
Basically, I think that me and you should be alone now
I can't tell you what I wanna do tomorrow for an hour
We're together I ain't Confucius so don't be asking 'bout the future
I just wanna beat it up now, I'm a producer
So let's just make a song, you can sing along
And we'll go back and forth like we're playing ping pong something like that

[Chorus: Tank]
You know that you got it, I'm coming to get it
You know what I wanna do and I know that you with it
So what you waiting for? Open up the door and let me in, yeah
She keep askin
Will I see you tomorrow? Are you coming here tomorrow?
Oh, she keep askin
Will you be with me tomorrow? Yeah

[David Banner]
Look baby my daddy died and my granny had a heart attack
And all I wanna do right now is lay you on your fucking back
But you keep asking questions, depressions, suppression
It's getting harder when you think I'm Usher, no confession
It's coming out my motherfucking mouth
So why don't you just take your mouth down motherfucking south
Sorry, am I being too hard on you? Oh
Showing up my battle stars on you?
Listen, tonight I just wanna go hard on you
Tomorrow I can't talk about cause we too far from it
Shit, I know it's getting close to midnight
But every time you say you love it, pushes me to dislike


I told her, when the club is over let's get out of here and get more acquainted
I got some bottles in the penthouse she told me now you're speaking my language
And she got that and she told me that she really looking for a boyfriend
I said that's cool but while you're here let's focus on this party
How bout you and me girl tonight?
Let me take everything off your mind
So close to