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Artist: David Banner
Album:  The Greatest Story Ever Told
Song:   A Girl
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(Mr. David Banner, Banner, Banner, Banner, Banner..)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Do ya wanna fuck right now? {Yeah daddy!}
Well let me see ya panties on the flo' (ay girl)
Let me see ya panties on the flo' (ay girl)
Let me see ya panties on the flo' (ay girl)

[David Banner]
I know your man can't fuck like this (like this)
Quit lookin at my mouth girl, Banner don't kiss (don't kiss)
But you can look at my dick
It ain't just long girl, look at my width (my width)
Gon' ride on the tip
Then slide on down girl work them hips (them hips)
Yeah, work them hips
You can jump in the bed girl, break this bitch
Let me pull yo' hair (yo' hair)
Slap yo' face (yo' face)
I'm feelin real freaky (freaky)
I might want a taste


[David Banner]
Go and get your best friend {Yeah daddy!}
I really wanna fuck her too
We can do it all night long
And if you want girl she can do you
Do you really wanna make me happy? {Yeah daddy!}
Then you can come and ride my pole
You can bring all yo' girls
I'ma make 'em all scream out OHHH
Do you like it when I grab your neck? {Yeah daddy!}
And squeeze it 'til your face turn blue
Could you please come and sign this waiver?
If you pass out girl you can't sue (can't sue)


[David Banner]
Got a dick like a horse you can ride on out
This is what you get when you come Down South
I said cum down south
Don't trip on the first date, put it in your mouth (in your mouth)
Uhh, I like real rough sex
I can slide it down low but you feel it in your neck (in your neck)
And I don't need no help
I can dig it all out, I'm a walkin historec'

[Chorus]  repeat 2X

(David Banner, Banner, Banner, Banner, Banner..)
Cool & Dre y'all are FOOLS! {*echoes*}
{Yeah daddy! Yeah daddy!}

[Outro: David Banner]
What it is man, it's like
Of course I'm a, I'm-I'm a street nigga
I done my shit in the streets and
You know I done whooped ass, I done got my ass whooped
That's funny let me talk about that real quick
Niggaz act like, they street niggaz but they ain't never got they ass whooped
You a muh'fuckin liar, that's like sayin 
you one of the best basketball players in the world and you ain't never got dunked on
Nigga that means you don't play no motherfuckin defense
So I mean sayin that like, I don't wanna
I'm a nigga by default, not a nigga cause I wanna be
And like I hear all these niggaz bruh sayin
"Well you know I ain't this, I ain't that!"
I'm a artist dawg
I never lie and say I ain't a artist; I never lie and say I ain't a rapper
I love fuckin music, this is not a hustle to me
I hustle WIT IT, but it's not a hustle
And like a nigga, niggaz see my shit
"Well why Banner doin this? And why Banner doin that?"
Nigga cause I wanna change music, like
I remember back in the day when-when-when artists, artists dictated the streets
Youknow'msayin? The-then Prince! Motherfuckers didn't tell Prince what to do
Motherfuckers didn't tell Curtis Mayfield what to do, John Coltrane what to do
They did it, and niggaz in the streets followed THEM
It's like leaders, niggaz ain't leaders no mo'
Motherfuckers waitin for the streets to tell them what to do
I'm a fuckin leader, and the thing is
I may make bad decisions musically, but a wise man told me
If you ain't makin a lot of mistakes you ain't makin enough decisions
So it's like, I did shit and I did different shit because I don't want 
niggaz to think the same way that they think about Southern niggaz
Like man when I did "Certified," and niggaz seen me in the suits and ties
It was like, "What the fuck Banner dressin up for?"
Cause I'm sick of niggaz thinkin that Southern niggaz only white tees and golds in they mouth
Yeah we ARE that, but my nigga we college students too!
Nigga we hustlers, we own businesses too
We ain't just no white tee niggaz...
{*continues on the next track "Syrup Sipping (Banner Beat Break)"*}