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Artist: D12
Album:  Devils Night
Song:   Another Public Service Announcement
Typed by: exyy

{* announcer from the Eminem Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP *}

This is ANOTHER public service announcement
Brought to you in part...

{*Punch*} Yaarrggh!

[Rondell Beene]
Shut up punk! 

{* other members of D12 attempt to tie up the announcer and gag him *}

Yo, this thing on?
Good good hell yeah!
Look, I'm speaking on behalf of D12
And if you get offended by words like: -

Fudge packer
Clit eater

All that shit like that
Then you should turn this shit off RIGHT now
Because that is some of the shit {* Duct tape tearing *} 
Nah that's the ONLY shit that you gonna hear, right here on this album
It's not that they don't have creativity
Or some shit like that, that ain't the case {* Duct tape tearing *}
We just like sayin shit like that, just to FUCK wit'cha! (Come here!)

{* Announcer tries to run away *}

'Ey! Wh.. I told you to hold him down, now he's running
wh.. fuck it! {*gun clicks then gunshot*}

{* Announcer falls down *}

God damnit! 
If you would have just stayed still
Nothing would have happened to ya!
It just goes to show when you fuck around with us
Shit can happen