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Artist: Cypress Hill f/ Everlast
Album:  Rise Up
Song:   Take My Pain
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We can't afford to lose you. Who'd do what you do
You're the tip of the fuckin' spear
Who's gonna hold back the animals

[B Real]
I'm at a strange point in my life, my spirit ignites
I'm destined for heights, my soul's on a quest for the life
I'm under pressure but the time is right
For me to look inside of myself, time passes by every night
I'm searchin' for answers, meanwhile my faith is a prize
And my neighbors are looking at me with, hate in their eyes
Grindin' their teeth, the streets fill with death and lies
We set up to die, but we plant seeds to rise
So when the day comes pray some miracle will keep you protected
Some of us have got to go, but you know we expect it
I gotta believe from all that I see
There's somethin', better than this, whatever it is
I need to quit before my feeling is gone
Maybe my feeling is wrong
But I'll embrace it like a beautiful song
I feel something strong comin' along
I can't explain what it is
But I'm relaxed and my mind is gone

[Everlast - Chorus]
Day destroys the night, night devours the day
Reaper's hold is tight, lord take my pain away

[B Real]
This feeling is hitting me hard, my soul is scarred
The feeling is odd like I'm gettin' a message from God
Believe in it 'cause, no one believes in the laws
The reason a straw breaks, a soul is lost
I'm searchin' for my soul in the midst of all this insanity
Out of vanity my home is a war zone, calamity
Randomly tragedies happen, I'm sick of this life
I'd give it in a minute if it could free us from strife
Gotta bond with the new brothers
We've been teachin' each other survival
Our mothers would be proud of us
When the day comes and we rise to the height of our faith
And nothin' can touch us, we don't feel the mothers
So now the beast inside of my head, the life that I led
It left me for dead and lost on the path that I tread
I've laid so many to rest, from family to friends
And we pretend it doesn't happen, but when will it end


[B Real]
I've got a new thought in my mind, in a matter of time
I'll be in a sublime state of a spiritual kind
My family is holding me high, they're nervous inside
I can see in their eyes, pride, but the eyes don't lie
If the celebration continues I'll follow my heart
And my home is being infected by a poisonous dart
It's falling apart, I don't want to see its demise
So I'ma have to make a difference, they'll remember I tried
My brother and sister smilin' as I leave in the night
My mother kisses me on the cheek and my father is quiet
No words need to be said, as my path has begun
'Cause nothing can break the chain of a father and son
As I take a step in the street where my destiny lies
Try and be focused, my nerves got my stomach in ties
Rollin' in the club, goddamn these people are young
Work needs to be done, so I will greet you all with a hug

(Chorus - repeat 2X)