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Artist: Cypress Hill
Album:  Rise Up
Song:   Light It Up
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[B Real]
I'm systematic, hydromatic, I'm unorthodox like Lenny Kravitz
I don't play guitar, still on your radar
And you can help by screamin', 'Fuck you haters'
I'm so hungry I'll take what's on your plate
Look in your face like I'ma hit you with the milk crate
They say 'What a disgrace he's an animal'
My appetite is enormous like that of a cannibal
I eat M.C.'s up, you might wanna ease up
I squeeze the trigger like I squeeze on a C cup
The beat is like crack now you might wanna re-up
Pete Rock hit us with the heat rock ease up
I'm on the block straight smokin' up an ozone
You in my shit steady beggin' for my homegrown
The beat is on, the heat is on
If Sen Dog's Cheech I must be Chong

(CHORUS - repeat 2X)
[Sen Dog] When I got this mic
[B Real] I'ma light it up
[Sen Dog] When I step on stage
[B Real] I'ma light it up
[Sen Dog] Go 'head and pass the blunt
[B Real] I'ma light it up
[Sen Dog] If you're invited you're invited
[B Real] I'ma light it up

[Sen Dog]
I'm so amazin' the joints are blazin'
I can rip a mic on any occasion
My four fifth too quick to pick a pig up like hay shen
But seen gets stripped like a limousine for hatin'
Hip hop needed savin' so we took the nation
By storm, a million fans stormed the stages
But times are changin' my nine is dangerous
My steel is stainless it'll leave you brainless
Young and famous we run L.A. it's
Our city and can't nobody take it
The money I'm rakin' that put honeys on waitin'
Bash to get the sure wanna roll wit' the made men
I'm this hard style, run as cool as a fan
With this mic in my hand I'ma stay true to my fam
But with this gun in my hand I stay true to the streets
So if you say a gee you gotta prove it to me

(Chorus - repeat 2X)

[B Real]
So much game fools beggin' for a seminar
You want a bong hit, homie what you beggin' for
I bring the static when you act dramatic
Got a mix up my sleeve call me Mister Magic

[Sen Dog]
It's, automatic Pete Rock and the Hill
Now that's a classic, ya gots to have it
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
We'll put you in the dirt if you fuck wit' us

[B Real]
I'm a natural and I ain't neutral
Come and learn somethin' homie you can be my pupil
Get out of pocket sorry, yes my homies'll boot you
Film it on the cam then we put it on YouTube

[Sen Dog]
They try to say I operate with a screw loose
And who am I to say I ain't packin' a deuce deuce
Last day out quick to give you a new suit
And a pine box that you better get used to

(Chorus - repeat 2X)