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Artist: Cypress Hill
Album:  Latin Thugs b/w Ganja Bus 12"
Song:   Latin Thugs (Clean Version) *
Typed by:,, Wammy Giveaway

* features alternate second verse from Sen Dog

[Sen Dog]
(Verse 1)
Don't be like, uh, a Cubano
Be (???), stoned marijuano
It's that capitan, pingolete
Swing is here with the force of a machete
Kick mad lingo from Spain to Tijuana
Real Cubanichi, home boy, ask your mama
No me importa nada, mi nina
All I wanna know is si te gusta esta rhima
Don't be scared, echate pa' ca
Watch the play, dawg, homeboy goin' on
Vatos O.G., straight veterano
Master the Spanglish style encojonao
Y'all fools know aqui no se juega
Don't act a fool y no rompa las reglas
We bien crazy ass asesino
Get your guns ready aqui viene peligro

Chorus 1: Cypress Hill
From (???) to Puerto Rico
Represent for all my Latin thugs
Buenos Aires to Santiago
Represent for all my Latin thugs
Mexico, Peru and Colombia
Represent for all my Latin thugs

Pre-Verse: B-Real
They call me Papi Chulo, you know I'm puro, I never fade away
You see me comin', get your ass runnin', I know you hate a huey
Hit the leno harder than most niggas you idolize
Get it started quicker and hit you before you try to hide

(Verse 2)
Check me out, hold it up, right there, ese
Better recognize cuando te hable el jefe
My crazy life, homey, vida loca
Made me an enemy, with that there chota
Chuntaros all up in my negocio
Watch your back, porque you ain't my socio
Like a machine, no tengo sentimientos
So kick rocks, buscate otro pendejo

Chorus 2: Cypress Hill
Arizona, Cali to Texas
Represent for all my Latin thugs
Up in Jersey, Detroit, Miami
Represent for all my Latin thugs
New York, Chicago and Philly
Represent for all my Latin thugs

(Verse 3)
Latin thug roll deep pandillero
Puro Los Angeles, southside ghetto
God, big dawg, black y pero loco
Keep an eye on that fiend, porque yo me la cojo
Profesional, vocalista
Saco mi pluma y destroyo la vista
Can't get enough of them L.A. skonka
Get a little wild, dime, como la toda
Listen up, compa, the big Cypress loma
Still right here, y todavia te controla
This ain't no Telemundo special 
The homies that I roll with for real will come wet you

Chorus 3: Cypress Hill
From Panama to Venezuela
Represent for all my Latin thugs
Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras
Represent for all my Latin thugs
Spain and Dominican Republic
Represent for all my Latin thugs