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Artist: Cold World Hustlers f/ 1-Time
Album:  Ice Land
Song:   Everyday Thang
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It's an everyday thang
It's an everyday thang, everyday
It's an everyday thang
It's an everyday thang, everyday
Everyday thang, everyday thang

[Verse 1: Big Vic]
As I pick up and I listen almost everyday
I'm talkin' bout that laid back track for my extra pay huh
I caught that fever from that bug, that 4-1-5 bug
Chillin' as I chill like that Oakdale thug
Wilson warrior that Frisco soldier shakin' it as I stomp
Livin' like I'm livin' just for one more month
But I storm down your block to let you know I'm still livin'
Just watch me pass don't even ask maintain your known dealin'
I'm back by demand and black by nature and nice by choice
And drunk cause I drink and always listenin' to that ghostly voice
I max as I live, in the Point punk, so fuss hoe
And gifted wid this gift to make me rich and always hustle
Drunk up outta recognition drivin' got me curb sittin'
Thoughts and thoughts of runnin' makes me think of how I'm livin'
Even though it's kinda fun life is far from being a game
Signed mic and doja it's an everyday thang

Everyday thang, (come on)
It's an everyday thang, everyday
(It's an everyday thang)
Everyday thang, (cold world, everyday)
Everyday thang

[Verse 2: E-Sick, Big Vic]
Now it's time to go creep creep as we roll two deep
Put away the glocks, and put the kids to sleep
As we sneak to the party, Grand Marti, and Hennessy
Add a taste of lemon it's a beautiful day in the Sucka Free
My name is Sick and I keep 'em comin' comin'
runnin' back and forth to the record store to get a dose
or a taste of this of this cold schoolin'
And we be movin' heads and makin' fingers go pop
Up and down these cold blocks, cold streets of the drops
It's an everyday thang I'm so high take a flight
Like a kite in the night swoopin' women on sight
It's time to get nasty, just pass me
The drink I'll down it til I choke and pass it back to Vic

[Bic Vic]
As I wake up in the morning from a lovely night's, rest
Risky feelin' guilty bein' bad is on my chest
I rolls rollo, she throws bolo, she says she loves me
Treat her gotta cheat her like an everyday bed bunny
Like Windex to windows I'm comin' cleaner never streak
The Steve is weak another freak but her knees are at my feet
Hit that strong but settle music put it on and let it bump
My neighbor's kinda mad because I know how to hump
That trunk that rattle's comin' so phat that put that chill up on my mind
Finds a problem know I can solve 'em freak I'm layin' pipeline
Called her boo and handed her number plus it's Sunday gotta leave
These things of everyday became a weekend with this speed


[Verse 3: 1-Time]
I jumped up out the bed and then I'm reachin' for the roaches
Or grab the Hennessy wid lemon squeeze whichever's closest
My next stop is the shower to get proper for the women
I'm browsin' through the 'Sco and see the steez that I'll be gettin'
Would ya catch me would ya call me would ya please swoop me up
In the dark by the back come and scat through the cuts
Pos don't want nuttin' so I ain't trippin'
I'm constantly catchin' mugs so I let 'em think they're winnin'
It's only the beginnin', if you think I'm slippin
I pass the gat to the street and told him put the knowlede clip in
I could be like oops, I messed up, stop and still be comin' tight
I'm doin' things the Bay way, so everything gon' be alright
Flipped out candy paint and gold thangs
Wouldn't mean nuttin' behinds some bars and some chains
You gots to have some game man, so listen to what I'm sayin
It's an everyday thang and, so 1-Time sang