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Artist: Casey Veggies f/ Mac Miller
Album:  Sleeping In Class (Mixtape)
Song:   Can I Live
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
He ain't ridin insurance like whatever though
Say you got a bad chick, mine looks better though
Got her on lock, but I swear we ain't together though
She's just gonna ride with a nigga 'till I let her go

Rapping what I'm living man, the shit I spit is medical
Soothing to the mind like Cali green, that's medical
Young boy flyer than that time I ate an edible
Keep going up like a kite when you let it go

I be on some new shit, new chick from Mexico
Trying to have kids, I told her I wasn't ready though
Yeah, they ain't know me like shawty know me
And [?] they ain't no better than shawty though

You niggas be playing so I had to hit the audible
Touchdown pass, sold crack going Roddy though
Rocking that shit, got me looking like a pot of gold
Hit the jackpot, now we popping, it's the party ho

I just want it all, so I can have enough to give
No more worrying at all, baby I just wanna live
We can go to the mall, then be back to the crib
Then you can tell your friends that you relaxed with the kid
(Lay back, get it big, can I live?)

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Living flyer than I've ever been, you just mad you never been
Bitches at the tele getting freaky like they lesbians
And they noticed everything I kick incredible
Mac Miller here with the homie Mr. Vegetables

Most Dope general, I know you see us on tour
Do a thirty minute set, the people want more
And that's an encore
The show runs late
Bitches give me head trying to find out how my cum taste

I ain't talking about the jeweler, saying "Fuck Jake"
Iphone on me for my Sports Center updates
OH, the Steelers won again
And groupies rolling through, I tell them bring a hundred friends

It's good we out in Cali, and Casey that's my homie
We cooler than Moe Dee, it's easy macaroni
Shawty wanna ride that pony, tell her give me brain, no teeth
Boy we party all night and we don't sleep


[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
Got up his endurance about his cheddar though
Got the chick in her bare ass, Plaxico
Rappers off that cheap gas, got that shit from Texaco
Rapping until you're thirty, don't really know how to let it go

Yeah, my father had to let me know
Everything he did were situations to help me grow
As a young kid little shit makes you miserable
Now I'm grown up, told that man that I'm about to blow

Once I get going there's no stopping
They roaring, we're show stopping
Wasn't even aware that my flow's proper, but it is fosho
Once you makeup your mind, man you can get the dough
Split up your time and clock in, you'll grow

I talk about uplifting shit
Plus all the chicks I hit
Plus the one girl I love
She knows exactly who she is

Sincerely, rap's hope
Hope you're hearing me
My future's so bright
That it's scaring me