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Artist: Casey Veggies f/ A$AP Ferg, Iamsu!, Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Backflip (S)
Song:   Backflip (Remix)
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[Chorus: IamSu!]
Aye, bet the money make her do a backflip
Do it for the team, homie that's it
Use to put money in a mattress
We do it all the time, no practice
I bet the money make her do it
I bet the money make her do it, make her do a backflip
I bet the money make her do it
I bet the money make her do it, make her do a backflip
Ahhh ahh, ahhh ahhhh (make her do a backflip)
Ahhh ahh, ahhh ahhhh (make her do a backflip)

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
I bet that money make her do a backflip
A hunnid' grand, I had to do gymnastics
But I ain't got no cash up on my plastic
They tell me I'm a real legend in this rap shit
But let's get back to this whack shit
This backflip got them girls gettin' rachet
She brought two hoes with her, that's a hat trick
I'm runnin' circles, run them hoes like a track bitch
I had to pick her up in my newest ride
The newest guy, out L.A, I stay super fly
The coupe in drive, dollar [?] on the west side
She bring that pussy straight to me, that's suicide
I'm still in the hood, I did this verse in Inglewood
With a model doing things she said she never would
I live the life these other niggas wish they could
But I gotta thank God cause I'm living good


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
I'm pullin' up clean in a classic
I only smoke weed, nigga, that's it
Just left a bad bitch for a badder bitch
A million dollars make it look average
Hold up, I got KK to roll up
My bank like a pay day, they go nuts
I pour up, we slow down, they go down like mayday
That's your girl she chose up, I hit it, her legs wide, she glo up
Bet the money make her do
Just seen another 20 mill, I'm tryna make it to it
I ain't even runnin' game, told her roll a plane
Girl that basic training for the game, hope you make it through it
I'm a go hard on a bitch, I'm a do my thing do my job
I'm a hit from the window, to the wall
I'm a make you go Dominic Dawes on the dick
You know I'm talkin' 'bout?

[Verse 3: A$AP Ferg]
I was in the [?] with your boy [?]
Got a couple girls, won't you hit it with that Fergie style?
I been up cause I'm on that New York time
Hustle hard cause I'm on that New York grind
I been runnin' all day, in the studio for two weeks straight
Now it's time to play, 'bout to meet a couple cuties at Earth Cafe
I'm bout to have some cappuccino with some bitches, you know
I swear to God this bitch is lying, say her cousin's Cee-Lo
She talkin' 'bout how she be singing with these different people
And how Breezy wanna see her but keep it on the le-low
And I'm like, uh-huh, bitch you're lying just hop up on this fat dick
Baby you like it raw like I'm a dirty boss [?]
Take them panties off and I'm a make that pussy pop bitch

[Verse 4: Casey Veggies]
Bet the money make her do a backflip
It's [?] season, it's a wrap for all that whack shit
Out of state women like my accent
I need a R&B single like a Mac-10
You know the homies got it, never lackin'
Made a million of this independent rappin'
We gon' sell it all, we gon' get it back then
HB game gang, team captain
Faded off Patron, she won't leave me alone
The money make her backflip, she never going home
She dippin' in the dust and make that body rush
Girl, you know what's up