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Artist: Curtains
Album:  Waist Deep Soundtrack
Song:   Problems
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

E'rybody need 15 minutes of fame, I need 5
But I'ma let my team shine in the meantime
Seperate myself from niggaz that speak lies
Elevate myself without gettin high
Went against the grains, the shorty was knee-high
When e'rybody was tryin to get a piece of the pie
I was tryin to get me a piece of mine, then I baked my own
Now they tryin to get a piece of mine
But I stayed on my grind, got me a team
Doubled up on my paper like copy machines
They can't stop me it seems that these niggaz are sleepin
I guess they plot in they dreams
But I'ma try to wake 'em again
Cause these niggaz is talkin 'bout hard work pays off in the end
Nah; hard work is to make sure the end never comes
Niggaz better stick to they guns

[Chorus 2X: Curtains]
I got both feet in the game - it's problems
My niggaz got heat, you got beef? It's problems
Don't be nervous, be scared, we here, beware
Y'all niggaz got problems, problems

Martin had a dream, Malcolm had a scheme
Rosa had a seat, I got a plan to eat
So I stay on my toes like camel feet
And just like that Domino's bag, my niggaz carry heat
Niggaz wanna bury me six feet deep under the ground
So when you hear that thunderin sound
And it sound like the heat still goin
Just know I put a end to they plans like pre-paid phones
I'm in the zone, all alone, don't move me
Y'all niggaz groupies or you'll be a rat for a cool G
My county loyal, them boys'll come get you
They'll tear out your tissues, I put a bounty on you
I tried to warn you but it's over man
Now you laid out like floor plans
Got your knot twisted like door hands
The harder they come, the harder they fall
And I don't got no remorse for y'all


Yo I told niggaz once and I told niggaz twice
And by the third time these niggaz owe me they life
I'm back with another hit like {*censored*}
I'm dyin to get rich like Alpo
What these lil' niggaz runnin they mouth for?
They can't move Kurt
Throw a rapper out The River like Kool Herc
You jerks don't realize the truth hurts
You jerks don't realize the kid raw like new work
Do work like the hands on clocks, I sweep competition
My hand's on my cock so please listen
Speak sense in every line I made
Could be over your head like poem aid, but it's okay
Check this, hold the world in both hands
Nigga I'm ambidextrous, the best since the beginnin of time
And there ain't no bait at the end of that line
If you ain't feelin me, fine