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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Pilot Talk
Song:   Breakfast
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Some of the good things weed can do
P.S.A. let me start shootin' a fuckin' commercial

I'm, so cold wit it
the potency of the beat, is consistent wit the fact that most did it
prolific, not shakin' or stirred
in the presence of those niggas, herbs
they only after your bread, them fuckin' birds
u think they like yo haircut, fair enough
live yo life potna, guess I could keep them two cents in my pocket
add this to these underground rap dollars
refuse the majors and stayed real I kept my promise
rolled bamboo's in the bahamas momma
its either that or them strawberry colada
x-box web browser, download or updated, n.b.a. roster
play a 82 game season, condo full of snacks spitta not leavin'
off brand muthafuckas, odd number, u are not even
on my level, write that sickness, my ink pen sneezin'
yancy thigpen can't catch me sleepin
u ear hustlin' muthafucka and I'm eatin
creepin wit my side bitch, hope I don't get caught cheatin'
New Orleans this mornin', New Yorkin' this evenin'
Squintin' they eyes and shit, they can't see 'em
Fly in the hive, buzzin', the buzz can't be 'em
Illegible letters in my ledger, they can't read 'em
Smilin', money pilin', I'm cheezin'
Odometer broken, I ain't know that I was speedin'
Fast livin', slow gent for these bitches
I got that game from my pittsburgh nigga
SV diablo, 96, wings lift
daniel son, crane kick