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Artist: CunninLynguists
Album:  Oneirology
Song:   Predormitum (Prologue)
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I had a funny dream, the other night
I was a-floating on a cloud
{DJ FlipFlop cuts and scratches}
"It was all..." <- B.I.G.
I am floatin happy not knowin nautical course 
Tie a wristwatch in slipknots and dock at my porch 
Time is of no essence, the presence becomes presents 
Peasants become pheasants and soar past acceptance 
Current currencies worthless, fodder for feedin purses 
with iron clad words I solder together verses 
I'm trippin like I'm eatin the fungi 
Leavin me, cornered like the pus that crusts in one's eye 
Listen, there's no light, just never-ending night 
and the weather's like a hurricane when land is in its site 
The sand within my hourglass could vanish any moment 
and I'm tryin to read the signs within the symbols and the omens 
From the motions of the sea, to the color of the dark 
This ocean of my dreams was more than cover for the sharks 
Recovering these parts is like discovering my art 
I wonder as I wander through my heart 
Cause it starts a dream defferred, a clipped wing on a white dove 
Seems absurd, a smudge on a white glove 
Not seen nor heard like screams from the night's lungs 
Cling to words so much that you won't budge 
Fiends in herds who yearn for them white crumbs 
Gettin high like the city sky when it lights up 
That's what the night does, it hits your mind with the right stuff 
To keep you blind with a slight buzz 
Along the many paths, I found my way
Waiting to walk some inside
{"It was all..." <- B.I.G.}
Along the many paths, I found my way
Waiting to walk some inside
{"It was all..." <- B.I.G.}
The mind is like a puzzle that could never be completed 
We scuffle through its pieces, strugglin for peace it's 
hard for us to sleep and even harder to awake 
The image in my mirror's gettin harder to relate 
I see me harbouring my hate and bartering with grace 
But I couldn't be farther from my faith, or my face 
Through this waste of my mind, may I find direction 
I'm a waste of my time if I don't find its lessons 
So all welcome to this generous helping of self-reflection 
Night thoughts brought to life with incandescence 
As the twirls on the tip of our index 
Staring into space, one's vision is endless 
[Kno] But glaring at the ground you can SEE where the end is 
[Natti] So just close pupils and +BE+ pupils and listen 
[Kno] The headset's your desk the test is what's missin 
[Natti] Dissect these notes of quotes of keys written