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Artist: CunninLynguists 
Album:  Oneirology
Song:   My Habit (I Haven't Changed)
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Mother never did accept my habits, called all my life a shaaaaaame {2X}
Yo, yo.. yeah
I'm on an island when my family speaks 
As I palm trees, high as the sun of a beach 
Right here, quite near to perfecting my speech 
But my sleeping habits on average keep me missin my sheets 
Yeah , in the studio blazin the beats 
Or clubbin with fly birds, rubbin squeezin their tweets 
Flaked on my intervention, I was missin for weeks 
On an international binge with the friends that I keep 
Then come home and roam around in my PJ's
For three days, eatin sour cream'n'cheese Lays 
Relapse itch hit, I'm scratchin like DJs
Tracks in my veins show I'm feenin for replays 
You say free bass? (What?) I'll be right there 
I like mine with a nice cut and light snare 
Get it to me rapido and, I might share 
Rappin makes me happy so, why stop why care? I'm hooked! 
I'm up er'ry morning with my mind on a fix 
Fire up the mid and let it slide in my mix 
Takes from the craziness, I hide in it's bliss 
Ride or die, protect my pride, the lioness, mayne 
and I ain't talkin 'bout Jane, I'm playin Rick James 
I'm talkin bass head, nigga, let the shit bang 
Movin keys, looka here, watch us flip game 
Ever since a minor the accord has been this strange 
I'm in the dark with the black notes 
I take humanity and capture it in rap quotes 
From the cellars and alleys with the crack smoke 
Through the middle to the top where the fat floats 
Let's roll, nigga  
(But you've GOT to go! Heeeeey, I haven't CHANGED~!)