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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Anna Wise (Sonnymoon)
Album:  Oneirology
Song:   Looking Back
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One time

[Verse One]
You pretend to be dyin to get a part of my mind
I've been once inclined to tell you part of my spine
Part of my shine, comes from the distance you are
from the star while you compilin your wishlist
Is this, business emotionally invested
or built from the sweat off our flesh pressed against it
Love is a war, sex is a weapon
The mind is a mine so watch where you're steppin
Thoughts that are kept in wet dreams covered in face cream
come to fruition in positions used to make steam
Feelings are just filling in this half-baked scene
to make X-rated into NC-17
Then see everything she got, she not shy
Our love below so 'dro we most high
Then wears off when what we wear's on
Again I turn away when what we share is gone, so

[Interlude: Anna Wise]
If this is not the hardest part
I will die before it gets too deep
If passion dies within me
I'll complete thee, leave me be baby

[Chorus: Anna Wise]
Lovin ain't easy when you're runnin scared
Could've been fearless and unprepared
Lovin ain't easy when you're runnin scared
Could've been fearless and unprepared
Looking back

[Verse Two]
Under the twilight, we livin the Miller High Life
La petite morte my lady, we 'bout to die twice
I won't surrender and you won't surrender yearn
Whatever happens after this moment's of no concern
Cause it's hard to stop the burn, bein fueled by the friction
Increased heart rate only confuse my addiction
We one half of desire, dangers to ourselves
Flying under the radar in our hangars with the cells
My muse, sleeps deeper than time
I go to huff a credit though I need to decline
It's easy to cross a line and blame your flesh for the crime
I'm sorry it's just the way we designed, my dear
We should leave here talkin 'bout one at a time though
Cause you got me changin my mind slow
says that voice in the back of my spine
As I awaken let the moment rewind