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Artist: CunninLynguists
Album:  Oneirology
Song:   Get Ignorant
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You try to get success directly
But there is one, to destroy us
Sometimes the way is out of reach
Perhaps you may get, ignorant

[Verse One]
Do I gotta get it ig'nant and show my pigment on the job?
Slap the darkest part of my hand across jaws
These days and times with jobs hard to find
You gotta work a salt mine or work an assault 9
Most folks barely stayin afloat through proper channels
And thank the rich sheik with black camels and slaughter mammals
They run the globe with mind control in designer sandals
But life's a skinny bitch, it's a struggle to get a handle
I'm about to just +Break Bad+ like Malcolm's dad
Be meth-Boyardee with a lab and a yellow cab
So I could get the white picket fence and yellow lab
That A-merican dream makes me wake up and scream
It consists of old money buyin shiny new things
Ttat I'm about to break cause I'm creatin a scene
You can use as an anthem for Kanye's tantrums
Cause I'm about a thumb and a finger away from snappin
Damn it!

Get ignorant
Get ignorant
Sometimes the way is out of reach
Perhaps you may get, ignorant

[Verse Two]
I'm early e'ry day, never took a vacation
Through mandatory overtime I always stayed patient
Through all the petty dramas I'm calmer than a sloth
But the shit don't change like if Obama woulda lost
I done worked my ass off about twenty-eleven years
And I'm usually far from anything that Heaven fears
But I'm feeling off-kilter, I ain't about to kill ya
but I am about to loosen up this filter, here's you
jerkin off to Halle Berry on the shitter (no!)
Then firin a nigga cause he's checkin on his Twitter (no!)
You mad cause ain't nobody taggin you in all the pictures (NO~!)
Well here's a good one of you taggin your wife's sister
like that!! (NO~!) I've been knowin ways to fight back
Vimeo of you sayin that you don't like blacks
Clearly though, full HD and in stereo
Your network's got holes my dude, cheerio!
I'm out this bitch

[Chorus] + [dub interlude]

[Verse Three]
Success is just a target, it could push us to the edge
Put in our heads at an early age like the pledge
Give our allegiance while you editin your souls
Won't tell you 'til you're gone that all that glitters ain't gold
But we love to watch 'em race, love to watch 'em chase dreams
So dirty, ain't a cycle that you can make clean
Got the athletes juicin, singers gettin naked
The rappers spendin all they money 'fore they even make it
Actors scared to age, shootin acid in they faces
Slaves to the ratings, every show is more tasteless
Faithless as angels cutting wings from they scapula
to trade it all in and be Dracula?!

[Verse Four]
Genocide in East Africa, but you watchin Battlestar Galactica
Fillin up the data in the back of yo' digital camera
Taking glamorous, shots of yoo' mammaries
surrounded by Vanity Fair magazine
and stuffed animals, in the house your parents paid for
Built by hand on land people slaved for
Get ignorant, stay ignorant in fact
Get belligerent, if you feel my sentiment attack
Keep kickin it, screamin for yo' sense of entitlement
Flip me off with the same hand you hold the Bible with
All that Botox, every cream, every vitamin
Can't cover up the ignorance that's inside of you
I wouldn't lie to you
It can't cover up the ignorance that's inside of you