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Artist: CunninLynguists
Album:  Oneirology
Song:   Embers
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Imagine the burning embers
They glow below and above
Your sins you won't, remember
And all you'll find there is love

[Verse One]
I'm, cloaked in smoke, but feel no flames
Folks float around me but I see no wings
No halos or hounds, pitchforks or gates
or omnipotent voice that picks course or fate
To the life of indecision build a dreamscape prison
where light isn't manufactured but captured inside a prism
Iller state between asleep and awake
Feels closest to hypnosis where the infinite wait
Then the fog dissipates revealin crimson fields
Quick pronged by a fawn with flaming heels
Eyes red as stop signs and a mane of quills
As it gaze past hills, of diamond trees
I see a silhouette rest upon golden knees
For the body of a Goddess and a face of dreams
A half-naked makin good in a pagan hood
Kiss me on the cheek, we didn't speak but I understood
It wasn't Heaven that I was seekin but a haven I sought
A canvas of the mind, painted with my thoughts


[Verse Two]
Everything ain't what it seems
I wake up to find I'm inside of a dream inside of a dream
See buried deep beside the seams of my screams
of beings and otherworldly things rarely seen
Might be psychosis or maybe I chose this
The night approaches every time the eye closes
I see a burnin bush feel like I'm Moses
Burn so much kush, I feel like amosis
All my images are morgues and wounds
And every fork in the road moves through Freud and Jung
In the darkness, no orchard blooms
A state so dark, sparks from the torch is consumed
It's like I live in a fortress of doom
In the forest where the blood pores were forced from my wounds
My body aches from this lobotomy
A part of me shakes open my eyes and awake, awake

Ashes are burning brightly
The smoke can be seen from afarrrr~!
So now you're seeing how far
Ashes are burning the way
{*clock ticks until the end*}