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Artist: The Cuf
Album:  CufBaby EP
Song:   Fuck This Job
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(Bro RJ):
Man, fuck this job
Take this muthafucka and shove it
I make money-money, but not enough of it
With an above average salary, but that's before taxes
Once I get the little check I'm back in the poverty bracket
"Let me get my jacket" I asked these fools I carpooled with
Stupid, don't get caught in traffic again, you cruisin'
They blow one before we get there, blow blunts at lunch
Sometimes when I'm at work, I don't work, I just sit there
With a big glare, picture myself a millionaire
Grillin' my secrataries 
(I ain't here...hey Rob, hold my calls)
(Hey, get up! No sleepin' on the job!)
Damn, I dozed off, the last night my company had her clothes off
(Hey, wanna work some overtime?) 
Naw boss, ain't no benefits in it, cuz I don't claim no dependants
(You fired!) Before I even got to finish my sentance
Then I got offended cuz he interupt me abruptly
I but-but-but my ass, seeing my last pay, and I'm that-a-way

Man, fuck this job
Take this muthafucka and shove it
I make money-money, but not enough of it

Everytime it's job related
Eight hours seems stagnated
Doin' someone else's chores, gettin' paid, but I can't take it
Man I fake it, and I don't think I make it (why not?)
Mainly cuz I'm unfocused and my only hope is lunch breaks
Shit, I should quit, tell ‘em stick it where they crap
Matter of fact, let me get up in this bathroom to take a nap
Never did I have a job that I was serious in, or curious in
Every single one I wound up furious in
I can't help it, I once felt it
Now I feel it's wasted energy
I need to spend the day doing something that will better me
Not busing tables, washing dishes, pumping gas
And fuck lifting boxes, chopping wood, busting ass
Not moving up the ladder or taking the time to do it right
No patience for other business relations at the job site
Man, I'm tired of this place, every day going through it
You can get somebody else for this shit, even a monkey can do it


They want you highly programmable
Ain't nothing tangible about no nigga
Overstand the whole picture
Corporations support foreing affairs
Think they care you got your degree and want to start your career?
Ghetto bastard with your bachelors
Now what's the password?
Go back and get your masters and own your own slaves
Used to look at the teeth, now they peep the resume
And then peep up in me, and I'm to good to say
"Partna, I need this job badly like a muthafucka, I can't fake it"
But 20 g's a year? Man, make it 30 and I'll take it
Hey can I get the vacation package? Where all the perks?
"Partna, don't push your probation, back to your work station"
Shit basically every single job I ever had I can say fuck that job
(Well then why you worked here?)
It ain't meaned shit, I just mighta needed it at the time
For something that I had to do, or something I had to pay
Or some kind of rent or some kind of bills I had to pay
(Yeah, I can feel that too)
It don't mean shit (Yeah, it don't mean shit)
I can waste every cent of every dollar I ever had on some bullshit
(I feel you, man ay, fuck these muthafuckas man
It's like we gotta enterprise our own shit
And just mass market it, yaknowwhati'msayin?
Yaknowwhati'msayin? We doin' this shit
Ay, fuck this job
And you know why?
Cuz I was laid, and they still didn't give me my vacation pay