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Artist: Cash & Computa
Album:  Ground Zero 12"
Song:   Ground Zero
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The sun that didn't shine
I'll blame it on the wind
The sun that didn't shine (This is one of the strongest countries in the world)
I'll blame it on the wind (We gotta come together)
The sun that didn't shine (In the time of this tragedy)
I'll blame it on the wind
The sun that didn't shine (This is real y'all)
I'll blame it on the wind

(Verse 1: Cash)
Hey yo, just the other day
I turned on the tube
I couldn't believe what I seen on the news
What was on the mind of these ignorant fools?
The cold blooded massacre, innocent people
All the fireworkers from Battallion Nine
The EMS unit cops lost in the line
My duty, my heart goes out, yours truly
This is like something you see in a movie
But it's real
The pain us Americans feel
A girl worked just a few blocks from down here
She made it home safe, thank God she still here
Get on your knees, close your eyes and prayer
We over here carin'
They over there scarin'
I hope that you're listenin', more that you're hearin'
Shoulda saved the price for squad's to unite
For the Afro-American, Latino, and white
If it was all wrong, I guess now we right
There's no time to run, now it's time to fight
Instead of the Twin Towers we gonna build triplets
And show asperity to them evil ass snipples
It's on

(Chorus) x2
The sun that didn't shine
Don't blame it on the rain
To all those that lost their lives
In our hearts you will remain

No way, you ain't comin' in here
It's America jerk
We make you disappear
Throw your flags in the air
Salute, put your guns up, retaliation
Show the world we form as a nation
No hesitation
We bomb first
Make you eat dirt
How that taste
When you wake up with guns in your face
Now you singing the same song we sung
Too late, the bell rung
Now you can't stop the land of the free
Home of the prophet
Never lay down for no one
Represent the warriors
We are as people
Show 'em the flag, flash 'em the eagle
That's the stamp we all carry
Black, white, Puerto Rican
Son whatever it be
We all married
Send the ships and the planes in
Bomb if we must
And remember, we doing this for the lives they touched
And ruined
Families left, empty spaces
Daddy's gone now
You motherfucker's got balls
And we love to break them
You cowards fucked with the wrong country
You brought the smoke, now it's time for munchies
Uh, What!

(Chorus) x2

How could you think murder is the will of Allah?
Jesus Christ, Jehovah
Man I gotta say nah
While I'm at it Rest In Peace Aaliyah
Dame dash, hold your head I feel your pain bay prah
Gotta, live every day like there's no tomorrow
This terrorist attack was a hard pill to swallow
This will change our thinking for rough times to follow

Just to think about the nights my neighbor lost sleep
His brother gone to a tragic defeat
It's all about your heart now
Get your weight up
Form as a team
Be straight up
Fight for yours
Never down on your cause
We here to twist apart the terrorists
Show 'em who's boss
Come here swallow this bomb
Cool off
Can't control your own people
After we rock there's no sequel
U.S. of A nobody's equal

(Females singing)
Oh it hurts so bad
Your love will be right here with me
Time is also sad
I know your shedding tears with me
Keep your prayer close
To God and He
He will understand
All your hurt and suffering

Chorus X 4