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Artist: Crunchy Black
Album:  On My Own
Song:   Ain't Nothing Going On
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(DJ Paul)
hey man put the needle on the record man lets bump some of
that motherfuckin crunchy black dog
that shit bump

(Crunchy Black)
yeah I rob yeah I steal
yeah I put your body in a field
aint nothin goin on the but the money and the power
got one in the chamber for you weak ass cowards

(Crunchy Black)
I'm gutta motherfucker every goddamn day
and if you dont believe me come around my way
see you can get robbed and you can get sprayed
I'll have yo bitch ass saying crunchy dont play
now listen motherfucker to the words I say
and if you dont listen then yo ass get sprayed
I'm tryna get paid has to be a fucking way
its hard hittin bitch you can see it on my face
like run dmc nigga walk this way
I step up in the club, I roll up in a range
?? be rollin out the frame
I saw a lil hoe she a freaky young mane
I spit a lil game so she sucked my thang
you might as well hoe get ready for a pain
or better yet hoe get ready for a train
I'm gutta when I leave so I'm gutta when I came

(Crunchy Black)
get buck motherfucker get buck
get buck motherrucker get buck
now stomp motherfucker now stomp
now stomp motherfucker now stomp