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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   That Shit
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Aiyyo I wish I had a track on that Nas Illmatic
Spitin verbal slugs like a semi-automatic
I'll bring the alcohol if you wanna bring the static
And if you bring your big mouth then I'm a bring the gat in
Well yo here I come like a dog in heat
Ejaculate butter shit all over the street
It's the beige skin beige Tim wearer
But I glare and, the best rhymin Rican of my era
Aiyyo I break a nigga jaw, [w/Mighty Ha] HEE-HAW, feel the country
Loosin kinda way, cause both the bitches want me
Time to get a nut, chill, what's that aroma?
About to smoke more blunts than Avosco with the coma
Strangers in the night, take flight, you ain't right
Lyrics bite like vampires in the fight
Suck the fuckin life out your miss-led boy
You try to represent I destruct and destroy

[Mighty Ha]
Coming from the top of a shaw the medulla
Burn a chicken head like an addict burn rulers
Hit em in the head home girl do your thing
Lick balls, slap slops, chicken head, spread your wings
Ill pull a gat and do "Anything" like SWV
Because Yogi is poi-son like BBD
I smoke the chocolate tah with the YMV
I think a nigga pass on that LSD
Meet me at the play-ground with ABC
I break that ass up like EP-MD
I think I'll go "Creep" for some TLC
If she's young I'll hear the BOOP BOOP like Biggie E
Man if you bring it, better sling it, that's the motto
No time for dollars and a drink, fuck lotto
Goin all out, all over, best believe
Playin shits for keeps and wild tricks up my sleeve
Chad-i-o, rollin wit Cru
Beileve in my music like an Orthodox Jew
Believes in his religion and the skills that I rip
[w/Mighty Ha]

[Mighty Ha]
Zigga zoom, zigga zah, niggas think they all that
Now they ball heads cause I pull their wigs back
Bring the car, yachts, cash and give me staffs
Bring me ass cheek that'll blow your backs out
Food for the mind, when I rhyme you rewind
Like your Cyndi Lauper, "Time After Time"
Check the pro-gram, no man can escape
Committin verbal crimes like ear drum break
Aiyyo I don't give a uh, I don't give a uh
I bring it back to that everytime I get stuck
[w/Mighty Ha]
But, BUT, i, I, bring, BRING, flow, FLOW
Don't have to act like it cause yo I know
I know what went down in the park in Bronx River
I know that John Gotti still calling me a nigga
I know the whitest face comes from the black woman
I know my ass is grass cause Armageddon is coming
I know we got big hips it makes us run fast though
I know I'm still a slave calling black women hoe
I know that Columbus ain't discover shit
I know a couple niggas said I sound like Q-Tip
I know you said the sound is Abstract but the 
blood on your face is very real, very very real

[echos and fades away]
I know you said the sound is Abstract but the
Rhythm, the rhythm