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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   Ten to Run
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(heavy breathing)

Niggas comin XL on the exhale
Crackin Watson Avenue, dope on Intervale
Hey, these really spray feds are watchin
Fiends comin thru beggin I'mm knock 'em, why they jockin?
Runnin thru the Bronx now, don't get stomped now
Willie's flossed and beemers sparkin the john now
Willie's boss, Robbin Ross, 
strappin on the roof of the car, revealin moss
Dot dot dash dot dash dot, 
that that coke you got, got us scorchin hot
Shit movin too fast like techno 
In the jiggs I've seen you wicked comin back like echoes, word bond
See the toes you stepped on 
might end up connect to that ass you got against tomorrow
So squig ya bottle
A nigga treat you like a son, 
then turn around and give a nigga fuckin ten to run
KRS-One, Awesome Two, Treacherous Three, Agony
All I see is Catastrophe, Cold Crush Four, 
Furious Five to take Six
Windin down to K Seven, Niggas better call a reverend
Got the morgue truck eyeing me, up to MC Eiht N.I.N.E.
Nigga turn the corner buy a Blackens
Get across the bridge and I'ma make it, Mack 10, damn