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Artist: Cru f/ Anthony Hamilton
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   Pay Attention
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Now how you feel about the C R U kid you know the deal
Flowin like a flow with my heart like steel
Doin how we do, then we bring it to ya face to let the
haters know the real
So chill, and bring ya corny act to the flow
And shake ya money maker for the big Y.O.
With the Mighty Ha and the one Chadeeo
It's time to set it open, bum rush ya radio

Aiyo get a little closer, the A plus material
Lords imperial carryin gills with no serials
For protection when I'm in foreign sections
Wrong directions can have me locked in corrections
With constant erections and affections
Visions of different females in my reflections
Roll in silence, how the real one's move
Commando, that's Marlon Brando's move

Yo it's the Y.O.G.I. uptown's big digga
Hit ya with the rhythm that make that back quiver
Comin with that hit upnorth doin one
Playas want me to feel, but yo it's just begon
Yo Berra, uptown serra
Get a little closer, just to hear a little clearer
Cla clack, now back ya stuff up, that's what I told ya
Run the ghetto unions, the offical car holda

It goes one for the uhhs, two for the ahhs
Three for those up in luxurious cars
The C the R the U, Cru that's the fullest
Spittin butter with the force gun spit bullets
One third of the C R U what ya want?
On the head hunt, the first of every month
Placin emphasys on the butter flow
Rippin microphones, yo u know how we go

Chorus: Anthony Hamilton
Pay attention, are you listenin
Cru is in the house
And live in New York City all the way down south
Sippin Baci, countin money
Honeys everywhere
So meet me on the dance floor
The pictures just been recleared
So everybody on the floor
And don't disturb this Cru
It's the way to show that I'm so into Cru
And the feelin so don't disturb this Cru

We goin uptown, we goin uptown
Everybody, we goin uptown
Now this is the way we walk and we stalk
Time to get are swerm when the bottle uncork
Straight from New York, lay back, mellow
With the butter shit that get ya hype like Crystello

Aiyo I'm mannin my position, I declare war
And when the battle's done, tally up the score
So bear ya arms, grab ya Lucky Charms
Or get direct hits from Napalm Bombs

Feel it cuz my Cru's comin down the line
We was makin moves, now we doin fine
My peoples on the Isle wanna press rewind
Check us in the day room if ya doin time

Remember yo we dices, slices in the crisis
Everybody's battlin to see who's the nicest
Really doesn't matter, cuz sounds we splatter
Spit crowns and jet, no one does it phatter