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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   My Everlovin'
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[Chorus Yogi & Chadio]
My bitch, my everlovin' bitch
From you I never switch
My bitch, my everlovin' bitch
From you I never switch
My bitch, my everlovin' bitch
From you I never switch
My bitch, my everlovin' bitch
My everlovin' bitch

Hey good looking? What you got cookin?, nuthin
But you got my baby in the oven
You bring the knowledge to my brain, sooth my pain
Make me the man that I am, keep me sane
I travel through my mind, through time and found you
Right at the very essence, there was your presence
Came out your womb, made you my wife
Then came around to complete the cipha, I gave you life
I heard you was the mother of the earth, (TRUE)
And I respect that for what it's worth, boo
This is how we do, you scratch my back I scratch yours
Wipe your blood and sweat when they drip out your pores
You wouldn't let the fame and the money get to me
I won't go out like O.J, even though he free, and we
Can rise eternally, up above
My bitch, my ever love, my everlovin' bitch


[Might Ha]
Yeah girl, I remember
Grabbed the stash, paid the doe for Might Ha
5 to 15 fed time, even
Need a pair of kicks?
Mmm girl, best believe
I got ya, that's from the heart
Cause you're my everlovin'

Yo as we set it on the left 
Lets talk about those that take away our breath
(My everlovin' bitch)
You see some niggas is runnin with dumb bitches
But that ain't my steez, I ain't fuckin with slum bitches
I'm talkin everlovin', the real from the fake
Then one that will bend, but then again that won't break
Often imitated and simulated but never duplicated
10-rated, keeping their wears up-dated, Ain't it?
By the fact their personality work, a dime piece
That's small, cool, and hurt make me go bezerk
And if you got it she's yours, and yours only
Never leavin a man ever lonely, she keeps it to the grave
Cause dealin on a flame when it's needed
Main-tains with me and gets weeded
From you I never switch, my everlovin' bitch
Let's represent each other make moves and get rich