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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   Loungin' Wit My Cru
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Intro: Yogi
Aiyo tonight
Ain't no more bitches
Ain't no more hoes
No freaks, no niggas
No gun sligin, right about now
Tonight only, yo, we just gonna ride

Chorus 2X: Yogi

Loungin' wit my Cru uptown
With the drop town down, with the funky sounds
Chillin with my peoples, and tomorrow there's gonna be a sequel

{Yogi}(The Mighty Ha)
Aiyo I like it when the pools, Mark B. representin
Beautiful ladies callin out cross pimpin
Blastin phone numbers, baggin off to the other
Findin out later that's ya man baby mother
Sippin henecy, everyone lookin jiggy
Buy a bag of smoke, hydro, get the fitty
Wanna roller skate, ring style, extra glide
Hit it to the bounce, say ride (where we at?)
The Cru on the desert, Mecca, Medina
(Hum do love) Oh you never heard of Nina
Gotta a lotta things he end up doin, baby
Nuff to make a nuh, go crazy
Take a minute, pause for a group flick
Cru and the Gucci don called Mark Pitts
And the whole fleet of uptowns
Harlem Nights, Bronx Bombers and a bunch of four pounders
I like how it feels, I like how it keeps it sureal, for real
And yo how I like how I put shit together 
(So what's your deal for?) Aiyo I'm down for whateva

Chorus 2X

{Chadeeo}(The Mighty Ha)
Back of my building, the park green benches
Nails bein chewed by the white clean dentures
Shh, No kid is him in the ears
Warm my lap, a head with no hair
Beats freestylin, but all we can talk
Rhymin with force, till the jokes get corpsed
Tools on my waist, and a frown on my face
Just in case the enemy tries to bring a base
The kid to be a waste, after a taste
Of the hot lid, which is mercury laced
In the neighborhood, so far, so good
Somebody gotta be up to no good
Shots fired on Watson Avenue
Where they won't hesitate, shoot me, stabbin you (True)
That's aight, every night they be blowin
Keep their glock hot while we keep the cash flowin
It's another Cru, that's two in the system
Thinkin of E and Squirrel, how much is missed 'em
But I'mma stay sounded, my peeps is around
Cuz of them I keeps my feet on solid ground

Chorus 4X