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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   Goin' Down
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[Y]= Yogi
[C]= Chadio
[M]= Mighty Ha

[Y] Aiyyo on a midnight creep through a New York
Wit my ghetto tech, blastin, "Protect Ya Neck"
With my chicken head major ass cheeks bow
Punk niggas lookin at me with the rocks and they gold
Now why you all up in my shit lookin hard
[C] Aiyyo go 'head with that kid before I kick my hit squad
You don't want none son I see you everyday
You that punk that be up in apartment 4-A
[Y] Aww shit, niggas tryin to scheme
I can tell, what the hell
Call my nigga Shah on the cell
Ya Shah?
[M] Petey?
[Y] Yo they tryin to get the nigga
[M] Where you at?
[Y] Up in L.I.P., across from Bronx River
Short Puerto Rican looked it kinda slow
Spittin when he talk from a mouth full of gold
[M] I'm holdin by that
[Y] Just be out
[M] Nigga stop ditchin, join 60 lickin in the kitchen

[Mighty Ha]
It's goin down (down down down)
It's goin down (boogie boogie down)
It's goin down
Boogie boogie down
boogie boogie boogie boogie down
Down down down

[Girl] Come here daddy
What's the matter?
Don't be upset, just get a little closer {unzip}
Uh-huh, uh-uh, mmm, mmm
[Yogi] oh shit, that's better, stick 'em up boo, bitch
[more moaning]
Right there, right there, motherfucka o

[C] Yo it's a known fact that kid talk too much
And from the chrome black he about to get touched
Quick with his tongue, livin on the fast track
What goes around comes, Mighty Ha, and that's that
[M] I can dig it, ain't go no time for weed hoppers
Blowin up in front of the girls to get proppers
[C] But I got somethin for that ass no doubt
[Y] Aiyo when Shah get up in here, I blaze it then I'm out
Now I'm sip this Becks, while my bitch give me hed
Her little son woke up, he pissed in the bed
Aiyo turn shit over and go to sleep
This nigga Shah said "No weap, shit is mad deep" Who dat?
[M] Motherfucka open the door, the God just licked
this nigga head knob
[Y] Yo shorties down stairs with that nigga Mighty Ha
Remind of you son?
[C] Yo Par, they they are
[Y] Yo Shah
[C] Problem nigga, I solve him
[Y] Whatever punk ass nigga
[C] I hope you got insurence big fella
[Y] Fuck that
[C] What to protect ya gut
[Y] Bitch ass what, I guess you didn't hear how I
don't give a uck
[C] Then ring
[Y] Ring it, I'm in your project
[C] Where my at?
[Y] What? Bout to turn shit to Lebanon then I'm gone
[M] Then it's on
[C] Yo Niggas best duck before I buck
[Y] The nigga what what what what, then nigga what?