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Artist: Cru
Album:  Da Dirty 30
Song:   Fresh, Wild and Bold
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[Yogi]{Mighty Ha}
Aiyyo I'm fresh {DAMN!, why you say that yo?}
Cause I run up in your girl then I puff a stoge {How fresh?}
So fresh that I'm crisp and clean
And I stick to your ribs like Christ to Al Green
"I rocks rough and stuff", nah, that ain't my line
Get the bitches more than niggas sip the wine
So act like, {ACT LIKE}, act like it rehearse it
Uka wanna seven, New York is straight murder
Smoke a million and a half blunts on the roof
And every other winter vests are bulletproof, that truth
Had Boris all day, Gladys all night
Once I get it to the other side things will be aight, that's right
Get the munchies after the hemp
Got to Red Lobster get the crabs and shrimps
The E & J with the ginger ale never fail
Bicardi while I flips ghetto tales
Take a sick clique kid everywhere that I-go
Make appearances on Ricki Lake and Allado
You know who we are so, put you funky niggas to a test
{Survey says?}
Times up motha uh
Yo it's the Rhythm Blunt
Yo its like extra P cause I'm looking at the front
But if you move it all, kid your gonna fall
You'll be Ready to Die, rest in peace Biggie Smalls, baby baby
"Matter fact, I'm sick of talking"
About to wreck your body from L.A. to New York and
Back to L.A., I'm out like O.J.
Yet I'm "F-R-E-S-H"

Chorus: ? [Woman Vocalist]
An Uck, Cru don't give an uck
Fresh, Wild & Bold don't give an uck
Give an uck, Cru don't give uck
Fresh, Wild & Bold don't give an uck, an uck, an uck,
an uck

[Chadeeo]{Mighty Ha]
Aiyo I'm wild {What makes ya say that Chad?}
Cuz yo I'd rather stick niggas then read off this pad {How wild?}
So wild, I run up on niggas blocks, sell some dummy rocks
And pot shots at cops
Chadeeo, yes the murderous assassin, comes thru crashin
Make sure ya seat belts fastin
Blastin for the dome piece with the chrome piece
Niggas is runnin from my site cuz I'm known beast
They flood red from they own blood shed
Verbal lead to the head, they dread shootin the dutch dead
So get smoked like 99 in Maxwell, or you get
Smoked and broked down clown, that's what the fax tell
And if you feel bigger, think youse a real nigga
I run up with my real gun up and pull the steel trigga
And go find a friend, sip up on a Heineken
And let them know how the title king is all mine again
If he start to fake jacks, he better make tracks
Cuz there's no tape backs, when I begin to backs
No doubt I'm goin for mine, and mine is all that matters
What day is it dog? you don't know, you better scatter
Run and ask him what's the frequency, count it, I tell ya
Verbal wildness, societies menace
The one Chadeeo with the tauntin lyrics
And I shall keep comin back like hauntin spirits
One time for ya mind (4X)

Chorus 2X

[Mighty Ha]
Well I'm bold, what makes ya say that Ha?
Cuz I break it to you little, take a drink at the bar
How bold?