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Artist: CRU f/ Slick Rick
Album:  The Dirty 30
Song:   Just Another Case
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Uhh, Once upon a time, let's see if I remember
Back in January
		Nah, was December
True...cuz that's when L started his bid
Partied through the New Year
January third he slid
		Up until then, yo, L had it swell
		Called him Sweet Pea like his name was Pernell
He did the job, money came with ease
Blowing outta town, moving bricks and ki's
Him and his chick, in forty-G rides
Holding down fort like they Bonnie N Clyde
                Luxury cars of all makes and models
                New outfits everyday, downin' champagne by the bottle
Glass in the air (air)
Toast to my team (team)
Toast to my cream and the scotties that beam
While others fiend, I'm abouts da beamer
Think about your girl, just say what (Say what!), I'm a dreamer
Called up CRU
		Yo, they probably in the studio
Phil Collins in the background

Chorus: repeat 3X

Now this ain't funny, so don't you dare laugh
Just another case about the wrong path

(Where's my chick?) Sent her on a mission
Hope she ain't slip...on that pickup
		Yo, who dis on my flip
		What! My cash and he fucked her wit dat A
		Me and Mitch rollin' over there quick fast
		Rolled up on the spot, (It's that kid Uzi Ed)
		He took me for my paper so just call him Uzi Dead!
Used to run epps wit him back in the day
Mitch popped the trunk
Passed the German AK
You dirty rat! I'm bout to bless that ass
		Better take cover from the rat-tat-tat-tat
Uzi Ed, ain't have a vest, three to the chest, Ed got blessed
		L got life, Ed got death
		Honey took the money and she slid to the left
Back in the day I told L she was shady
Now she in Cali about to have Ed's baby

Chorus: repeat 5X

Now this ain't funny, so don't you dare laugh
Just another case about the wrong path

(Slick Rick)
Yo, what's the word, kid?!
Tell you bout a brother named Sid
Got work release after doing a 3-to-life bid
cause of drug logic
Shouldn't touch it
Now out to budget
With a movie star chick from outta Edenwald Projects
Nice job, took prison camp drives
While he promised up and down to live a civilized lifestyle
The seat off the brow was soon on garment
Both worked
Got themselves a two-bedroom apartment
Great statement, without delayment, away and went 
Saved to get a house on one of them low down payments
But an idea concocted his stock
Why don't we try and turn this money over on the drug tip
So he gave his man a shriek and excitement
Didn't know his peeps were under secret indictment
Sick of the path that'll get you hung by the neck
Sent him back up north to do a super long stretch again
Black folk, you know the half, don't laugh, it's...

Just another case about the wrong path

Chorus: repeat 4X

Well, this ain't funny, so don't you dare laugh
It's just another case about the wrong path