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Artist: Crooked I
Album:  Young Boss Vol. 1
Song:   Boss Nigga Now
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What is it all about huh?
What the fuck is it about?
I'm readin an article and they tryin to tell me
I'm jealous of Kurupt's album droppin
What you mean by that, I want all my niggaz to sell on the West
I hope my nigga hit diamond this time
I ain't never been a hater nigga
It's not my motherfuckin veins boy
Real nigga music

[Hook: 4x]
Do they hate me now
Cause I'm a boss nigga now

[Over the Hook]

Do you hate me nigga?
yeah, I dont know my nigga
I'm still the same nigga
Do they hate me now?
yeah, I ain't switched nigga
I'm a business man
Let's go...

How many niggaz wanna know the reason I left from Death Row
right after Suge said I was the Best on the westcoast
my pay check over there had me dressing in fresh clothes
with jewelry around my neck I was sexing the best hoes
wasn't a damn thang, you can tell me when I spited
rocking the same chain Makaveli represented
ready to aim thangs when it was deadly I was wit it
pistols would Bang Bang I put shellys in Ya fitted
Fuck It I frontlined it
Got in to beef behind it
the comeback, I was blinded
the contrack I signed it
whoever was braking bread with me That's who I was aligned with
after they did that this cat was one track minded
Ride for the label I'm fatal I'm able to disable  any unstable finagler
nigga brought to the table
4 years later I'm Riding no matter what the cause
but it was time to go so I could be my own BOSS MOTHAFUCKA

[Hook: - Till The End]
Do they hate me now
Cause I'm a boss nigga now