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Artist: Crooked I f/ Coniyac, EDI, Raekwon
Album:  Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist *
Song:   That's My Word
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* bonus track from the deluxe edition titled "More Pigface Weapon Waist"

[Intro: Raekwon]
Lex Diamond, Crooked I
What's good nigga? Real do real
All day homie, got you, what up?

[Chorus: Crooked I] + (Coniyac)
That's my word! I don't fuck with snake niggaz
That's my word! I don't fuck with fake bitches
That's my word! My whole circle hate snitches
That's my word! We hit the block, gang riches
(That's my word, I don't fuck with snake niggaz)
(That's my word, I don't fuck with fake bitches)
(That's my word, my whole circle hate snitches)
(That's my word, we hit the block and gang riches)

[Crooked I - over Chorus]
Bitch, fuck 'em!
Tell 'em, never, naw
I got the Chef in this bitch, go!

Aiyyo, I'm like the modern day Malcolm X heads, Gillettes and a Mac
Chrome jammy villain rollin bones with the family, hear me?
Hydro lit, Air Wick, bag of dope with the Schick
Plastic baggies with the gun on my dick
You know I play the benches and dip
Catch me in the trenches of brick, 17-9, my ninjas'll lick
Play games, lame names'll get shot up on planes
I swear to e'rything I might smear you in flames
Try to play this, spray this
My sons come through in the Angus steak Ranges, or ropin a plain bitch
Shoot 'em shorty, light 'em, roll up on 'em and bite 'em
Get your metals next week, if successful you eat
No playin fame low-key, you O.G. you the same
Lex Diamond 'matic rap y'all, pure as cocaine
We stay the real, literal, I'm only visually ill
If you relate, love to hate and don't be fuckin up mil's


[Crooked I - over Chorus]
Tell 'em
We ain't fuckin with none of you fake-ass niggaz
Hate you fake bitches

That's my word, you know we ain't, goin out lame
Got them big toys out tonight, we showin out mayne
Used to shank like a surgeon, remove your frame
It's Edi and Crooked, with the Chef we ain't playin
The money keep growin, along with the reputation
This Outlaw shit, gon' live forever, just be patient
Banned from TV, but the streets still waitin
We stand like true G's, while the sucker niggaz flagrant
Showin they true colors on the sideline hatin
While I'm on vacation spendin this rap money amazin
How we +Link+ like +Cubans+
I went from rap to rock like Rick Rubin, I'm a muh'fuckin movement
All by my lonely, ain't no phonies around me
And if it is point 'em out, let me handle my biz (that's what it is)
Death before dishonor Your Honor, I plead guilty
If they don't feel me better muh'fuckin kill me
I'm a Outlaw!


[Crooked I]
I want all my N.Y. niggaz to fuck with this West Coast nigga on this shit!

Every Eastsider's a rider ready to fight a war
Long Beach, everybody in the city by the shore
is a giant, a tyrant, or carnivorous dinosaur
We a documentary just waitin for Michael Moore
I got niggaz on the block pushin her-on from Bangkok
Get it from Thai bitches who put it where we bang cock
And they just like me, homie we aim glocks
Pull them arms out without talkin 'bout tanktops
Just let me and my niggaz rise and I'm good
View the world through the eyes of the hood
It's like I still got the umbilical cause I wouldn't cut 
my underbelly ties if I could - visualize if you would (what)
A city full of Nazi ass cops tryin to jam me up
Pigface Weapon Waist, nothin over family, what
I point a pistol at your Shirley Temple
It's a +Hard Knock Life+, I'll make you +Little Orphans+ Annie/ante up!