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Artist: Crooked I
Album:  Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist
Song:   Mr. Pigface
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C.O.B. is my religion
I was raised in the world, that wants to see me dead or locked up
What they have to do to this monster{?}
Pigface Weapon Waist nigga!

[Crooked I]
Yo, yo
I won't be finished 'til I'm mentioned with the best ever
I rock a record like I'm a member of Def Leppard
I keep my eyes on my prey like I'm a deaf leopard
You better crown me or I'll jump you like a red checker
I'll chop your head off, I aim fifths and circum-
-cize all of you guys cause it ain't shit to merk 'em
I look into they eyes and see the same bitch that birthed 'em
Pussy, I'm deranged, I'm insane, sick, berserk, I'm
pain mixed with anguish, my language is game mixed
with dangerous heinous spit, I shit, you a anus
Nigga I'm idiotic, and really got it
You fuck with me and them bullets'll be movin quick as Sonic
I'm hangin out the window like a nigga finna vomit gin and tonic
Guns sound like a astroid hit a comet!
Yesterday I was loadin my pistol on my momma's couch
Thought about my fucked up life, and yelled SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

The beast was pregnant, with Pigface Weapon Waist
The belly of the beast gave birth to a menace
Now they can't control me

[Crooked I]
Yeah, I kill you with no strings attached, this is Wi-Fi
'Til the wheels fall off, I'm down to do the drive-by (nigga!)
Not to be cocky but I'm gooned up, why lie?
That's why I got the upper hand like a high-five
Bet you never seen chrome tecs
I make a call, I get you pussies touched, call it phone sex
Ain't no tellin what I'm on next
Long texts from your wife, tornado dick, I home wrecks
I'll have that bitch sellin her coochie lips
Bougie chicks get the coke nose, 'til they loaded as my uzi clip
Even broke hoes on the groupie shit
Pretty as a beauty tip, get the Max Julien movie script
Welcome to my world, hot iron, shots firin
Cops tryin to stop a mob giant
I'll drop block science, and after I'm gone I'll picture hip-hop cryin 
like they did with Big and 'Pac dyin, I'm not lyin

For every one dead, two more are born
You can't stop real niggaz
You'll never stop real niggaz

[Crooked I]
Yo, my +Family Ties+ just as deep as Michael J. Fox
We aim glocks at your tanktops
Leave you in a hospital bed, watchin "Baywatch"
Watch your weight drop, 'til you're skinny enough to fit between raindrops
Bang shots - we killin you on YouTube
BONO~! Nigga that means you too
I got a screw loose, you get stuck up like goody-two-shoes
Thought you knew, that I was CUCKOO!
I'm in a GT ay, I got them thangs on me
I'm in a +GTA+, but I ain't Gay Tony
A menace to society, I'm MC Eiht's homie
The killer gorilla apes know me, Ma$e pray for me
No lyricist realer, straight Kobe, can't hold me
I flash player, couldn't read me with Adobe (naw!)
So a new verse is nothin but a new hearse
Tryin to kill G shit I'm shootin yellin "You first!"

You'll never kill G shit (never!)
Until you change society, this shit won't stop (never)
Art imitates life nigga
Fox News wanna kill Obama, like the Long Beach PD wanna kill me
(Tell 'em!) Ha ha ha ha
But I won't die, I multiply
C.O.B. (C.O.B.!)
It's my religion (my religion)
That's why they follow me (follow me!)
Salute your general
Pigface, Weapon Waist nigga! (yeah, yeah)

[Outro: Crooked I]
Yeah, it's that shit
I'm tired of you nigga, wack nigga, soft nigga
Long Beach, Eastside
Yeah, let this motherfucker ride
Let the motherfucker RIDE
21 on the beat, sup 21? Deuce-one! Ha ha ha
It's epic, a journey
21 on the beat, sup 21? Deuce-one! Ha ha ha
Oh yeah... C.O.B.!